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Family member has thrown out my meds

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My sister has taken my anxiety meds and will not give me them back because she doesn't believe i need them. I turned my house upside down stressed out about i had put them some where but can't remember where and was worried my son might find them or my nephew. I finally went and asked her and she had taken them because she thinks i don't need them and that to just put up with the anxiety/panic attack now I'm feeling anxious about going to see my doctor and asking for another script that i just got a few days ago. my head hurts from thinking about it. Why can't people just mind there own business.
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Hi, I am so sorry this has happened. It would rightly have caused you more stress.

It was not good for your sister to take your meds, and I don't want to try and justify her behaviour, but often the hurtful actions and words of people around us come from their own fears and anxieties. She may be struggling a lot with your anxiety, or may have fears and reservations around you taking medication.

It is great you were able to confront her about it. Did she say why she thinks you don't need them? Have you ever had a discussion with her about your anxiety and need for medication? Do you think she would be open or willing to talk with you, or perhaps even to visit the doctor with you? As I said before, many people act rashly or hurtfully out of fear or of a loss of control. Being involved or even just informed about what is happening with you may help her. This may be something you could raise with your doctor when you go back.

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Hi Brian,

Welcome to the forum.

It is hard when someone you love or trust maynot really understand how you feel and what anxiety is.

Sparrowhawk has some helpful suggestions.

think going to the doctor with your sister if she is up to it may help her understand.

I can see she loves you and feels she is helping you.

I have had family say I don't need medication for bipolar and I have been taking it for over 20years.They say you are fine you don't need medication but they can not understand that the reason I am well is because of the medication. They also say you should be able to cope without medication now you are older.

I think you need to be respectful but explain to your sister why you need to take medication and what your life is like without the medication.