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Coming out after 23 years of marriage

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My husband and I have been married for 23 years and have decided to separate because I am finally ready to face what I am. We have 3 teenagers and I have told them as well as my family. Am struggling with bing drinking and mild depression and anxiety.

I am looking to talk to other mothers that have been in this situation to talk to
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Champion Alumni

Hello Just me now, and a warm welcome to the site.

If I'm allowed I just noticed your thread before I log off but I can certainly relate to what you've posted, as I was married for 25 years but used alcohol to self medicate my depression finally ending in divorce, so I totally understand the situation you're in.

By the time this happened our 2 sons had moved to Melbourne.

I hope others can reply to you and I'll get back to you tomorrow.

Take care.


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I have family members who went through a similar event, they were very brave and told us how they felt and who they were and we accepted them for who they are and always have been.

From the perspective of the children; the separation does not change who you are as a parent to your children, your sexual orientation does not change who you are for them, it has always been part of who you are that you set aside for a time to focus on other parts.

You've done the hardest part by acknowledging yourself.

The second hardest part by confirming yourself with your family.

Talking to the forum is good, there are lots of people here to listen with related experiences, talking with your Dr is also probably a good idea to help you with managing the stress and coping mechanisms.