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Login and profile image updates

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello everybody


Some of you may remember our big update in July 2022 with a brand new look and feel for our Forums, and we thank everyone for the feedback and support while we’ve improved on this new experience.


Coming up soon we’ll make our next big change, and this time our login, registration, profile picture upload and account management features are getting a refresh.


What does this mean?

The software that runs the login and registration experience will be swapped out for a new, secure platform to handle your anonymous identity while you use the Forums. We’re really excited for this opportunity to improve the experience of using the Forums while also increasing the security of your information.


It also will finally resolve an issue many of you have raised with us - that you haven’t been able to update your profile pictures / avatars. As part of the change we’ll be moving that feature into the Forums itself - and in the not so distant future you’ll be managing it in the same place you manage your notifications (https://forums.beyondblue.org.au/t5/user/myprofilepage/tab/personal-profile).


From this point on, we’ll be using this space in the forums to provide updates on the work that’s in play, to get your feedback and comments and really bring you along this journey.


When can we expect these changes?

At this stage we’re aiming to make this improvement at the end of March 2024 - and if there’s any changes to that timing we’ll be sure to let you know.


We would love to hear your thoughts, feedback and questions! While we can’t respond super quickly to all questions, the aim is to send answers to any questions we’ve received.


Thanks for your support.

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Hi mmMekitty,


Thank you for your feedback.


Alt text for avatars in the avatar collections is a great idea. We've noted it down!


Would it also improve your experience if we allowed forums members to add their own alt text for avatars they uploaded themselves?

Hi blondguy,


We're very pleased to be able to say that updating avatars is now possible again.


You can upload a new avatar by clicking here. To get to this page in the future, you can either:


  • click the "Edit profile image" button on your Profile page.
  • click on your avatar in the top navigation bar, and click "Settings" in the dropdown menu that appears.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear ProjectTeam,


Thank you so very much for updating our choice to change our Avatars if we feel to do so….


Your hard work is so very much appreciated…🤗❤️🌹..


Kind thoughts,


Hello Project Team.

Good to see your avatar is back.


I would enjoy alt text that members have added themselves, if they would like to do that.


I also noticed when browsing the generic avatar options that the pics shown were square, so it would seem when used they will all be cropped to fit the circular format, which, I think, would be unfortunate.


I must admit creating a square avatar pic to upload would also be easier than it is to make a pic that fits a circle shape.


I also didn't understand how to use your cropping tools. I gave up, accepting that my original pic fit about as good as it ever would within the circle shape. Making a new pic from scratch will be harder.


I'm sorry, I've come up with more for you to consider. I would simply like to enjoy as much as I can, while I am able. 




Hello ProjectTeam and thankyou so much for the quick response! 


Im looking forward to using my original avatar without it being the size of a one cent piece as they are now... (even though that wasnt your decision of course as you didnt design the new forum platform)


Thankyou so much for your proactive support Project Gurus!


my kindest always








Great work 

Hi blondguy,

We understand your "Courage" avatar is important to you. Unfortunately there are some limitations in what we are able to offer as we continue to improve the way the forums work.


The ability for members to update their avatars is back, but at this stage, avatars will continue to display at the same size, and as circles. This means the corners of uploaded avatar images will be cut off.

We have just tested this with your original "Courage" avatar. The "Courage" text doesn't get cut off. In discussions/threads where the size of avatars are smaller it is too small to read. But it is readable on your Profile page where the avatar is displayed at a large size.

Thank you again for your commitment to the forums and for your passion for this space.

Hi mmMekitty,


We can confirm that all avatars are still displayed as circles. This includes any avatar chosen from the avatar collections, or any avatar images uploaded by members.


Thank you for telling us you'd find the square shape easier. We can also understand how the square previews of the pre-approved avatars make it unclear these will be displayed as circles.


We're sorry to hear you had trouble with the cropping tool. We can assist further via email if you'd like?

Hey Hey Project Team

Thankyou heaps for doing everything possible. I was always so proud of my profile picture as it represented the ' Courage to post/reach out etc'.. not just the endangered Bald Headed Eagle.!! 

My core motivation has always been to provide the best possible support/counsel to others on this excellent National mental health initiative as per my lived experience with my own mental health.

My 'Courage' avatar has always been a post by post motivator for me.


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Paul, aka blondguy,

I remember how your logo always seemed to reflect resilience and strength to overcome.


It's still there as far as I can see (stars, stripes, ... bird!), but it is your compassion for absolutely everyone where the motivation truly resides - how could any picture (big or small) surpass that?

Maybe the designers could come up with a 'watermark' shaded background of the avatar, or a 'heading' banner across the top to create more presence without affecting overall layout?

Until then, you might want to scale your browser (Ctrl +) to whatever suits your preference.


I think the message is no less concisely presented regardless.



Thanks Tranzcrybe!


I really appreciate your positive support....You remember my original logo too! 😀


your care factor is GOLD.. 


my kindest always