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The poetry corner - post your poems in here

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Blue Voices Member

Hi everyone,

This is a thread for sharing your creative works. 

Please bear in mind our community rules before submitting your work.  

This thread is located in the BB Social Zone, so the primary purpose here is entertainment.

We will not publish poems containing dark or disturbing content, including themes of suicide, self-harm, death, dying, abuse or other forms of trauma.

Thanks for your understanding. 


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Hi D'jected

Brilliant poem.

BB is great, isn't it? 


Little feather left and right

and she falls slowly in the night

coming from a nest above

a world of joy and a bed of love

Down she falls to the ground

a gust of wind to toss her around

then as the sun rose to dry her out

the lighter she was to get out and about

Then a magpie came to snatch her with glee

to take her to her nest in the tree

to place her in a cradled nest

to warm the heart where baby bird rests.....



Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Ok, so here goes...


Is it because you were my first love,

My first kiss, my first racing heart,

My first touch, my first embrace

That everything leads back to you?

Do I struggle to ask for the things you did,

the way you were,The look in your eyes, 

the same kind of words

Because everything leads back to you?

Have I been looking for someone else

To cause the same pain, or take it away

Make it all better, make me stay

Otherwise everything leads back to you?

Will I ever be able to mend my heart,

To feel again the pleasures, the joy,

The self acceptance, The same love for a boy

Or will everything always lead back to you?

Have I ever been able to imagine

A life without pain, A life without sorrow, 

a future without you, 

A minute, an hour, or something new

Because always and forever everything leads back to you?

How do I tell him that I love him, That im discovering myself,

That im hurting so bad and I feel so blue

And im just not ready to let go of

The way that everything leads back to you?

white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi AGrace...that is wonderful poetry.. loved it.

Not everyone can write poetry. So I cant advise how. It's just an ability I think. Many of my 250 poems cannot be put on this forum.

This poem is very special. No names of course. I met a couple 8 years ago. Both their daughters were murdered. I drove past the cemetery 10 days after the tragedy and met the girls mother. I asked her if I could write to her. She accepted and- well I've been writing ever since...8 years. About 50 poems maybe more. Her dining room walls are full of them now.  I truly believe it was meant to happen and there is a spiritual connection there.

This poem was to the girls mother on the first mothers day after they were taken from her- hope you enjoy it.


He was busy with the pouring

this old man's name of 'Max'

so I toured his workplace as he toiled

this holy house of wax

There were inventors of a kind

and starlets from the stage

there were master minds of talent

from another age

There were heroes of the wars

and leaders of a group

there were figurines of wax

from every allied troop

I stopped to admire him work

his name tag read just "Max"

"you really are a marvel,

how you recreate with wax"

I focused on his one off mould

and marvelled when it set

this figure of a lady

that I recently had met

Her arm were open wide

as if about to fly

I asked a simple question

I asked a simple "why"?

Because she is cradling her girls

even though you cannot see

it is the stance she had

when they were 1 and 3

He continued to work away

as his making of a sign did end

and I was totally in awe

of the mirror image of my friend

He rolled out the final cast

to place it at her feet

this 'house of wax' curator

that I was glad to meet

He placed the sign just right

this single cast of one

the sign read appropriately

"this is the perfect mum".......



How do you get your poems to rhyme? 


Hi Struggler,

 Writing poems - you first have to have a theme, a story to tell. For me, take the little feather one.  It came to me when I saw a feather fall and the breeze made it fly up and down. it was so light.

So I just told that story eg  Little feather left and right, as you fall slowly in the night.  now when I've finished the first line with "right" I think of a word that rymes with that word eg night or it could be sight, or might or light.

eg could have been- little feather left and right, tries to stay up high with all her might....or little feather left and right falls from its nest out of sight....

Then the story goes on...and on.  There are unwritten rules in poetry. Not for a poem to go on so long as the reader loses interest unless- its very interesting.  And in my opinion m poems should be able to be read so it makes sense. However a lot of published poetry is so cryptic and doesnt rhyme it is barely understandable. Clever but for me it is the majority of people that poetry should be aimed at.

The story of a poem has to include in it a punch line, a line that at the end hits the reader between the eyes.  As you read with House of Wax. The last line "this is the perfect mum"  When the recipient read that poem she burst into tears with happiness.  Any wonder.

With all written words there will always be the critic. Thats their right. Many miss the positivity of it all. Most of my poems are their to help others of the world. Little feather is actually a recycling theory. It comes form a nest and returns to one. lol

So lets write a poem here and try to follow how I wrote it.

A poem about a - bucket. I just thought of a bucket.

It sat so rusty and of not use,   (now I'm think of abuse, loose, moose, )

this old bucket so dented and bruised,  (I thought of bruised as I wrote dented)

no one cared and no one was amused  (this is where the theme is developed)

But that bucket had nothing simply to lose...  (so now the theme is a lonely rusty bucket...when I re-read this I added "simply" it made it better)

It had been carried and had been thrown, (thinking here -own, blown, lone)

carried water and a bucket of bones  - (again thought of bones when writing)

now it sits on the grass all alone

hole in the bottom and hasnt got a home  (theme is old and unwanted)

it hopes it will become a pot plants base

but its up to one of the human race

each day hopes fade and life is hard

a rusty old bucket in a lonely backyard....


At the end of "race" I thought of an ending. cheers.


Brilliant & I only like poems that rhyme otherwise it's no different from reading any ordinary article.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

I've searched my pile, and will share a couple more:)


Something's found a home in me, 

a place to stay, a way to be.

Something's taken over me a parasite

or something alike

Something makes my blood boil,

my heart race, my stomach coil

Something's found it's prey

For me a high price to pay

Something keeps me awake, and wakes me all the same

I've met it 1000s of times but never catch its name

Something's going to break

this something is not fake

Something's weighing me down

another anchor it's become,

this something has a lot to say

and makes me want to frown

Someone by now should know its game

Someone else will have felt the same

Something will remind someone

of how this something steals your fun

if you haven't met this something or felt all of it's rage,

consider yourself fortunate you're on a different page


How long will it take me?

As long as it breaks me,

and longer than I can stand.

How long before I feel joy?

As this feeling continues to toy

with the pain and sorrow of it's hand.

How long will I feel blue?

As long as I need to

and longer without you.

How long til the good times?

As long as this work rhymes

and longer than these lines.

How long will it hurt me?

As long as it beats me

and longer than these whines

How long will I be without?

All the fun I'm missing out

As long as I doubt.

How long will it take me?

As long as I let it break me

and longer than I planned.


white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Wow AGrace. had to read them twice it was so good.

Struggler, there are something one can appreciate form poetry that doesnt rhyme.

Like this one I wrote a long time ago. Hope you like it.


Yell at me

-I not yell back,

Curse me

-I bid you good luck

Punch me

- I'll hug you

Burden me

- I'll untie your shackles

Express yourself

-I'll be your audience

Ask me how

-because I've found my inner self,

If you dont understand then yell

- but I not yell back.....


It is a poem with great meaning. But it doesnt rhyme.

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Hi Amber

Thanks for the poems.  They are poignant and exquisite.  I love reading beautiful words.  

Btw, is it you in your avatar?