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The poetry corner - post your poems in here

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Blue Voices Member

Hi everyone,

This is a thread for sharing your creative works. 

Please bear in mind our community rules before submitting your work.  

This thread is located in the BB Social Zone, so the primary purpose here is entertainment.

We will not publish poems containing dark or disturbing content, including themes of suicide, self-harm, death, dying, abuse or other forms of trauma.

Thanks for your understanding. 


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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Struggler, 

Thanks. Yep, that's me! 


AG. Great picture!

I cannot write poetry, well not that I would show anyone, but I do have favourites written by others. One of my favourite authors is John Denver who wrote some fabulous songs/poetry in my opinion. What do you think about this one?

On the road of experience, I'm trying to find my own way.

Sometimes I wish that I could fly away.

When I think that I'm moving, suddenly things stand still.

I'm afraid 'cause I think they always will.


And I'm looking for space and to find out who I am.

And I'm looking to know and understand.

It's a sweet, sweet dream. Sometimes I'm almost there

Sometimes I fly like an eagle, and sometimes I'm deep in despair.

All alone in the universe, sometimes that's how it seems.

I get lost in the sadness and the screams.

Then I look in the centre, suddenly everything's clear.

I find myself in the sunshine and my dreams.

On the road of experience, join in the living day.

If there's an answer it's just that it's just that way.

When you're looking for space and to find out who you are,

When you're looking to reach the stars.

It's a sweet, sweet, sweet dream, sometimes I'm almost there.

Sometimes I fly like an eagle but sometimes I'm deep in despair.


Sometimes I fly like an eagle,

Like an eagle I go flying high.

I find this such a relevant expression of my struggles.


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Hi Amber

You bear a striking resemblance to my 29 years old daughter with the dark hair, completion and facial feature!

I didn't think BB would allow photos of ourselves on here.  



Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

That's a bit uncanny, I'll take the compliment with age though as I'm 5 years older than your daughter:)

Our images just need to pass the moderators, but other than that I believe we can use whatever image we like. I strongly believe in not hiding my mental illness from others, so it only seemed right to use an image of myself...no more masks, I hid for too long and it accomplished nothing.


Indeed this poem is astonishing even though it doesn't rhyme and I must learn to have an open mind.  This poem smacks of what Jesus said.  If someone slaps you, give him the other cheek or something like that.  Hmmm, not sure if I'd give the other cheek though.  I'd be more inclined to slap back LOL 


I love your poetry!! The first thing I read this morning was The Black Widow and it truly made me laugh lol...I needed that! Keep writing when you can. Poetry is a beautiful way to express yourself. Take care


Hi Tallowood

White Knight's Black Widow is a funny poem.  I like the *hairy wife* bit.  It made me laugh. :=)


Thankyou Tallowood and Struggler. I love it when my poems get a reaction, comments or not.

AGrace, that's interesting, about being open about you illness.  As I came become a bit abrasive for some people as I can be rash at times, more like angry etc I paid a big price for being open about my issues. When disagreements occur often in my case with social clubs, quite often others resort to bullying to achieve the goal of hurt. Just saying. I admire your views though and enjoy your posts.I think you'd make a superb counsellor.



I was just a bored security guard

in the depths of the darkest night

I scratched my left side botty

with my left hand then my right

And in circles I did walk

clockwise with some flair

then turned around every hour

so mi left shoe didn't wear

So I picked out a worn out pencil

and wrote a poem with delight

anything to break the boredom

in the middle of the night

Mi eyes got so heavy

I poured a cup upon my head

pity it wasnt cold water

but noodle soup instead

I was just a bored security guard

in the depths of the darkest night

I scratched my left side botty

with mi left hand then mi right....


No matter what

I have to say

She merely says

Go away

So go away

Is what I do

And whisper the words

I love you...