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can we have a comedy room please?

Community Member

Hi ladies and gents and all inbetween it. Im getting a bit overwhelmed by so much searching for mass diagnosis posts i believe a comedy room is in need. And if your imaginary fairy cannery dosnt agree.serve it to the butcher birds.lol .seriously people lets take time to crack jokes.post what funny things weve seen lately.childhood classics.etc. Any takers????? Cheers. Wayne.

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Community Member

Hi Out the window,

I think this is a great idea, love some good jokes especially a good dad joke haha

I saw on the other day I enjoyed.

"I went to a zoo the other day and there was only a dog there.

It was a ShitZU"

Maybe not my best but I enjoyed the play on words hehe

My best,


Hi jay... thanks for the reply..i like a laugh also. Even at myself. Although i seem to even laugh at horror dvds lately so maybe my soh is warped. Lol