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Who else enjoys video games?

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Hey everyone!

So I struggle a lot with depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder (BPD) and find it very difficult to sometimes 'switch my mind off' from all of the negative and aggressive, depressing thoughts.

One way I've found to distract myself is with video games, and I love them! Whilst they don't fix my problems, they help me escape my problems for a little while, and help me calm myself down. My favourite games are The Witcher 3, Fallout (3, New Vegas and 4) and the Assassins Creed series.

What are your favourite games for distracting yourself?

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi Skadi. Sometimes we need a distraction from our minds.
I enjoy the sims and the classic games like N64 including mario kart, mario party, smash brothers, diddy kong racing and pokemon stadium. Reminds me of my childhood too. My problem is, apart from the sims, they are all multi player.

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I was hoping a thread like this would pop up!I consider myself a gamer and love gaming as you can get a hint from my name (Its a nintendo reference).

Totally get what you mean by it helping you escape. There's this world you can get invested in for a short while. For that reason I enjoy games that are story driven or have a fleshed out world. However I haven't been well off financially so can't enjoy many games I would like to get into so have to pick them carefully. I started out as a nintendo fan so I'm similar to Ms purple and have enjoyed many Nintendo games including every single one she just mentioned! aaahhh, my childhood. *sigh*

Ive owned a PS3 in the past and really enjoyed most of the games on there. Dark souls, Resident evil, Farcry, Skyrim, Mass effect, Borderlands. I enjoy online gaming too and have played battlefield. I wish I could get a PS4 so badly but I can't and and makes me annoyed and sad. Especially with all the VR stuff coming out lately.

Recently I've had to settle with my wiiU and my pc which isnt a great gaming PC. I play Smash bros for wiiU, Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon. I ended up getting Assassins creed black flag on it which I know isn't the ideal console to play it in but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. What drew me in was the whole ship battles. That stuff was bad ass. Also it's pirates. That and ship battles....that games awesome.

On my PC I've played don't starve, rocket league and factorio. As well as a whole bunch of steam games I can afford.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Assassin creed... don't like riding horses. Black ops more so me but still, removes hours of time.. too much sux. so much more out there. Doesn't mean your have issues.. anxiety is if that's what keeps you hanging in doors worth a chat, some are quiet some are not but if effects your world outside? then its real, as in really time to talk to someone..

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Oh i love video games... they always distract me, especially if I am playing a game with my friends... I love NBA (If you can't tell by my name hehe) also soccer... I try to get into Call Of Duty or anything where there is storyline but find my interest and patience tails off pretty quickly. Either way they are great distractions for anyone with a mental health issue so I can see why all of you would get into video games.

I love the N64 games that MsPurple said above... such good games that bring back the childhood... throw in Tony Hawk Skateboarding and I am loving it.

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N64 is where it's at MsPurple and BballJ! I couldn't get enough of Banjo Kakooie or Ocarina of Time. Never tried Pokemon Stadium though.

Gaming is actually something I use as a measure of how much of a slump I'm in. If I'm on top of things then I'll feel motivated to play something decent. If I'm not, you'll find me playing bubble shooter because anything else is too much effort.

I'm one of the ones still playing Pokemon Go, although my recent slump has been impeding my progress.

Community Champion
Community Champion
I've just started playing Assassins Creed 2 again 🙂 I finished the first one and I think I liked the setting of the first more than the second.

I prefer table top games (when I had a life) but enjoy computer games a lot too.

Shadowrun returns series is my current favourite.

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Skadi, video games are awesome, a great way to escape reality. I like role playing games, but sport games are cool too, nba 2k, MotoGP, forza horizon... recently Mafia 3, the division, state of decay. I love 3rd person games, 1st person disorientates me 🙄

Yeah, I hate myself if I play too often, and regret doing so b/c I'm wasting my youth, I just want to enjoy it while I'm relatively young (22) I worry that I'll reach a certain age and not enjoy Xbox anymore (like that'll happen, I'll be in a retirement home and spending time online lol)

BballJ nba 2k all day ronnie 2k is a legend!

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im a fighting gamer, i will play all but tekken is current main one.

i will sometimes also play yugioh online and vvvvvv ❤️

i play in the city every tuesday if people ever would like to join ^_^