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A-Z Of films/movies

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Hi All,

just a thread of films/movies starting from A through to Z.

i will start and being the person I am i will start with

Jaws- a film that left me scared of going in for a swim for a year or two,



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Dear robthomaslover

The cast list for Some Girls Pick 'Em part one, episode aired 22 Apr 68 in the UK


The listing for part 2 aired the next day is beside this

I've no idea where we are wiht hte movies so I'll start with numbers:

12 O'Clock High, (1949)

Starring Gregory Peck, a war movie but much more, a study in the psychological effects of leadership, based upon a composite of true stories.

Inspired the 1964 TV series of the same name

hey Croix, i meant i can't find anywhere to view it, so on DVD or online (not those episodes anyway). same with a lot of things from one of the actors i like in those episodes. i've looked everywhere, contacted places like BBC, rare DVD places, etc.

i'm not sure if i will make a thread/threads for A-Z TV shows & actors/actresses, but if someone else did (no pressure to anyone), i'd participate.

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Dear Robthomaslover, maybe we can continue this conversation in Croix Parler? We are getting a bit off-topic here



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Back To The Future

Chocolat 2000

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Dark Star

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Elephant Walk...🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘

sorry Croix, i didn't mean to go off topic 😞

Friday The 13th

Gone with the wind

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He's all That