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The true magical power of the healing heart

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There are many different ways you can come back to healing and coming back to peace. The journey that each of us have to walk is different and unique and no one pathway in life is the same so we all need different guidance and support on our journey. It is like your going on a journey like harry potter or even cinderalla. Cinderalla didn't become cinderalla with out challengers.


The adversity you face can be difficult but it is how you rise through it that defines your inner strength a and fortitude. There will be times on your journey you will want to turn around and walk in the other derection and give up but the hero didn't become the hero with out looking inside themselves and finding the magical powers to stand up to there demons.


saying to yourself


I more powerful then merlin and I beleive that I will not let this mountain in the front of me defeat me I choose to realise my true power by not letting my disability define who I am and who I will become. You must look into your magical heart and realise you have power with in you and every one has this magical power with in.


Your self belief in your magical powers that you have more power then you realise. You have to realise your true purpose in life.


What am I truly meant to acheive and I mustn't give up?


There are many things you can do to heal for example there might be a sport you would like to play to help you. You might love cooking for the family it is important you do what you find helps you to heal with the guidance of your family.


In the land of magic there are dragons but no these dragons are great healers and protectors of the realm. If you beleive magic exists in your heart it does. Many times I was scared that my illness was going to defeat me but many times but I beleived my dragon was protecting me.


You must beleive in the good whit magic within and remember you are nver alone.


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