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anticipatory anxiety

Community Member

Hi everyone, I hope you are well.

In the past four months the RBA has increased the interest rate 4 times. While I am working I am starting to struggle making ends meet. I am stressed about what happens if or when I cannot afford my mortgage, eat and save some money. The indications are that the Reserve Bank with put up interest rates again next month, I am not looking for to a possible increase and a letter that my mortgage has gone up again. I am new to mortgages, I don’t know what my potential options are.

I am thankful that I am able to sleep okay at night, I find weekends hard as I have free time to ruminate possible scenarios, I try and get as much sleep on the weekends simply because I am tired and two I can forget my troubles for a few hours.


I have family, but it seems every time we speak I have to initiate the conversation, and I am getting sick of it. They demand I call them.


Any advice or guide you can share would be good. I am okay for the moment but I look at the future and worry, they call it anticipatory anxiety

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Slippers, 


I don’t much much about mortgages…But wanted to pop in to move your very valued post up towards the front page….


Both my sons have mortgages and as you are really struggling to make ends meet….I did suggest to them that they make an appointment with the financial manager of there bank and have a talk to them to see if their are any options available to make things easier for them…,.Both of my sons agreed that it would be a good idea to do that….They haven’t been back to me to let me know if they were helped…


Not sure what state your in…but in NSW…help can be given by Service NSW to help pay your utilities bills…also Vinnies and other charity organisations can help with food vouchers…I know that these are only little bits of help…but maybe they can help you when times are extremely difficult for you…


I really do hope that another community member with more suggestions will call in to talk to you….


Please take good care of you…

My kindest thoughts with my care..


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Slippers,


Im sorry you are feeling this way.


I understand that things can feel hard at times.


Please try to let go of the worry and just keep working with what you have.


If something happens in the future Im sure that you will be able to find a way.


I understand that you try to sleep to forget the worry sometimes if we can learn to just let go of worrying then our lives can become so much more calmer from within, it takes practice but it’s very possible to let go of things that don’t serve us well in the moment.


The only thing that worrying does is steal our peace.


Have you ever practiced meditation?



Community Member

I want to thank you all for your kind replies. I was sitting at home feeling bad for myself, so getting a reply for someone has lifted my spirits.  I been sitting at home worrying about (what if!) What if the RBA keeps putting up the interest rates as they have been doing this four past months?
I have been able to save some money for a rainy day and put aside money against bills for water, power and strata.

I don’t think I am being kind to myself to be honest. Whilst I save a meagre amount of money from my wage once all the bills are paid I stress that I am not saving enough and stress when I spend money on necessities as food. I don’t go out for fun (socially), nor do I buy any take away food. I need tell myself that I am saving some money and that is enough.

I haven’t thought about seeing a financial advisor which is something I should do, the negative side of me thinks that’s going to cost me money I can ill afford to spend, (but how about my mental health)

I would be interested in meditation, but I would know where to start.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Slippers,


I am 90% sure that your bank, the one you bank with would have a financial advisor at a very minimum cost or free…My bank has one that I can talk to over the phone…maybe if you give your bank a ring and talk to someone their…they might be able to help you…worth a try though….



Its great that you can save a bit of money from each pay….I am on aged pension and it’s very difficult to get by fortnight to fortnight as I own my own small home….with council rates, electricity, phone etc…all necessities that need paying, then food on top of that..it makes it hard to save even a $…repairs on my home have gone on the back burner for years now😁..but I feel grateful that I have a roof over my head and food to eat…..Their was a time in my younger years that my husband, very young child and myself…lived in our car for close to a year….remembering those times…reminds me of how fortunate I am today…..


Please dear Slippers, it’s a very important thing to be kind to yourself….I used to pack a sandwich, take a drink and go sit at our dam wall, where I live…to give me a small escape from my everyday mundane life…gave me a bit of peace for a while, just sitting in my car watching the fishing boats on the dam water….maybe you could do something like that….at least once a week…gives your mind a little holiday from the stresses of everyday life….


I started learning meditation from YouTube vids….full body scan at night is the one that helps me most times….maybe you could start their….their are so many instructional videos on learning, doing meditation…I do hope you find one that you can relate to….it’s not easy and needs a bit of patience…but it’s well worth it…


Here for you Slippers..if you feel to talk here…

My kindest thoughts and wishes for you Dear Slippers…with my care.



Thank you Grandy. Let me share a bit of my history, when I was living at home I had my mother to look after and I could share my day and unload any questions or concerns I had and get her wise council and suggestions. I find now that I don’t have someone in the same house to share with hard, and scary because I need to make my own decision. Having a sounding board was a good thing for me. To speak to someone that I consider old than me, I was born two years before Cyclone Tracey in Darwin occurred.


I got some growing to do, maybe not physically, more emotionally and become a better version of myself, not get stuck with the same problems seemingly never getting better


I will check out the vids on YouTube and the ones you mentioned. Going forward I was considering taking some short holidays, going south past Wollongong in NSW on the next long weekend, stay in a B and B and get some country air.