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Anti psychotics

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Hi,I'm on my second attempt to withdraw from an antipsychotic,took it slowly this time.Last time my anxiety all came back and I had to go back on it.Anyone have any luck getting off this?I've been on it for two years and put on weight.It makes me sleep too long and I feel like a zombie.You get terrible insomnia coming off this as well.Jyst would like to chat to anyone that has any ideas on how to successfully withdraw from an antipsychotic.Thanks
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Hi Roseanne


We cant advise on medication the same as we cant diagnose. What I can say is the obvious sometimes eludes us.


When I had a carer nurse make an assessment she had recommended halving my dose and brought in my GP to confirm that which he did. That did the trick. However obviously again your GP/professional has to be consulted about any change.


It is not good just surviving on the wrong medication or dosage not ideal, life can be such a drag and I'm proof that pursuing this is well worth the inconvenience.


I hope you are ok



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Hello Dear Rosanne123,


A very warm and caring welcome to the forums..


I’m sorry you’re snuggling to get of your antipsychotic meds…I am on them and have put on a lot of weight….but, sleep so much better then before I started them…(3) years now….for me they work, but they don’t work for everyone….Even though they have put weight on me…just the way I feel for me, I can live with the extra weight because of the way the antipsychotic’s are helping me with my mental health….


I agree very much with our wonderful TonyWK, that reaching out to your Dr. and following his instructions fully is about the only way to get off them….plus also it’s a very safe way to do it…


My kind thoughts Dear Rosanne..


Thank you,I nearly felt normal today,just headaches and nausea and some anxiety on waking.I just wake every morning not knowing how I am going to feel.Hoping each day gets better.Thanks for the advice

Thanks so much for your advice