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Surviving abuse in a long marriage

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Apparently my story is all too common. I was married to a covert narcissist for 50 years and now I have to learn how to be free. How do I find ‘survivor’ groups in Sydney… where are they?

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Robbie33,

Welcome, and thank you for joining us.

I had a look online and there were a few things that popped up - one is a Facebook page for a support group in Sydney, another is a Meet Up group. Perhaps these two could be worth a try?



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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi, welcome

Rt has a good suggestion there.

You are a survivor and I hope you find peace. I think after such a long period of time you might also consider a psychologist. Your GP might be a good start.


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Champion Alumni

Hi Robbie 33
Thankyou for sharing
im so sorry to hear what you went through but also glad to hear that you are free.
This will be a hard time for you and definitely a journey I would recommend practising mindfulness to help



thanks for sharing your story which will help others reading.
I hope you get support from a group.

take care