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Newbie introduction

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Hi im a long term sufferer of anxiety and previous depression who has had a
Good run of stability since quitting my high stress job a few years ,to focus on creating my own art, but after the year long lockdown(no work) and a 2 week quarantine recently im finding it dfficult and very stressful transitioning back into work this month before jobseeker ends and its causing a palpable sense of unease and anxiety that im having trouble shaking. Im finding the world a very angry and inconsiderate place that I am tentative to want to be involved in at the moment.
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hi and welcome to the forums.

beyond blue has a web site related to covid that you might find helpful here...


I mentioned this some months ago elsewhere - I know of some people that didn't want to outside after living by themselves as a result of lock downs. and these people did not have any "issues" to speak of otherwise. I guess it was a side-effect of not going out and the restrictions that were put in place.

please note this is also a safe place to chat so if you want to share more of your story ...

I am curious to find out more about your experiences in finding the world the angry place. Not to say I disagree with, I find this space (forum) gives me hope.and hope the same for you.

Hi smallwolf
Thanks for the reply. Sometimes when i don't have anyone to talk to my feelings nd ideas circulate round in my head and get amplified.
Most of my feeling of the world being an angry and inconsiderate place i guess comes from social media sites and so many news stories about people getting their whole lives ruined by skammers . Sometimes I feel there are more people out there who are arrogant and inconsiderate, but that could be because they are more noticeable than the people just going about their daily lives. Just the idea of that makes me so sad.

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Hi Gardenergeek, welcome.

As smallwolf said, BB have a Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service which you can use, I believe it's 24/7.

Take care, you're not alone, lots of people are struggling with the whole COVID thing amongst other things.