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new to this

Community Member
Hi very new to this, thought i mite give it a go can't make things any werse, basicly need help
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Community Champion
Community Champion

hi and welcome to the forums.

the space here is safe, friendly, supportive and non-judgemental so please do not worry about others might think. We have all had different experiences and your needs are just the same as mine or anyone else here.

do you want to share what you need help with?

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
Hello Himm, as Smallwolf has said we hope you feel comfortable and a warm welcome to the forums.

It's never easy to begin trying to open up to people you don't know but sometimes that's what people like about this, and please remember that we too have been in similar situations ourselves and want to let you know that you're not alone.

Take your time and begin at your pace, there will be someone who will always reply back to you


Community Member
Hello to you and to the wolf and the tiger said the elephant! It's always nice to see new people posting. It is very helpful using this Forum and there are so many cool people online to post with. See yous later