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new here

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hello all im new just joined im a single i have anxicty depression i have no friends at all apart from my golden lab kimba who is in training to become my service dog im really struggling here to even leave the house atm i only leave the house is to walk my dog or to do shopping most of my time is spent watching tv listning to music i all so carnt work due to a back injury but i try to keep active as possiable im looking for a friendship some company but as iv bean alone for so long will take me time to let someone into my life as its all hard for me to trust ppl to as im a vary quiet shy person to i preatty mutch keep to my self id really like to find gf as in a true friendship with a girl. im not into pubs clubs as i dont like crowds either have any questions or want to know more ask me im michael
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Champion Alumni

Hi Michael

Welcome to the forums and good on you for having the courage to post too!

Your golden lab Kimba sounds gorgeous. I used to have difficulty leaving the house too and thats a horrible place to be in when we are restricted by our own thoughts. I understand you Michael as I used to have chronic anxiety for a while now....You are not on your own

There are many gentle people that can be here for you Michael.....I am only one of them

Do you have a GP or counselor that helps you with your anxiety/depression?

my kind thoughts


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Hello Michael !

I've just joined a few minutes ago too ! It's just me, chocka and the fishes, and I have trouble socialising because of the way I am too. The majority of my connections is through chatting online and mostly one on one.

But I've learned something in life having been unwell so long. People come and go, but if we are patient, MORE people will come into our lives in the future lighting the way !

Chin up ! ...each new day is a chance for a better one than the day before and another chance for happiness !

Chocka is barking for his dinner so bye for now and keep talking Michael, it helps !

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

HI lonelyguy and forward only and welcome to the forums 🙂

I know it can be a struggle to get out of the house when you mental health is flaring up. I know when my depression is flaring up I struggle to even get out of bed and even doing normal jobs around the house can be difficult. I think it is good that you have a dog to give you company and to assist you. I know it may not seem like it, but even doing things with your dog is an achievement. I try look at the small achievements, especially if my mental health is not in a good way. Small achievable goals help. Such as: ok I'll clean my bedroom, text back mum etc. I know it may sound small, but it does help. It also helps keep you a little busy.

Do you see a psychologist or counsellor. I find for myself they are really helpful. They can help me process my anxious and depressed thoughts. They can help me deal with also. Maybe if you aren't seeing someone currently, it could be something to look into in the future.

I am glad you have come to the forums. It is a good place to get support from people have lived experience and understand

Hi mspurple! Thanks for the welcome. I've joined beyondblue for councilling and support that suits my situation and it's far better knowing I don't have the pressure of set appointments and can get help at the time needed 24/7 ! It is a help to hear others understand not because they have read it in a textbook, but actually know the feelings I go through ! I do go to a place where others suffer with mental illness but for some reason I've never reached out to them directly about mental health internally like I feel I can here. Perhaps I fear rejection simply because it's face to face?