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Interstate Move

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Hi First post here, thanks in advance for reading.

im full of anxiety. My husband has been offered a new job to start at end of the year. The destination hasn’t been set yet, we are hoping he can stay at his current office, however there is a big chance it will be based interstate.

if it is we have two options. We all move we have two teenagers, or he is away for a few nights minimum a week but then possibly more as he has other commitments.

we would be leaving all our family and friends behind but I feel we should be there to support him. I’m so torn. We haven’t told our kids yet.
many advice or anyone done this?

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Champion Alumni

Hello Baker, the anticipation of a new job always sounds to be exciting but there are many different changes that may happen because of this, such as a new residence, new neighbours, surroundings, a different school for the teenagers and a strange situation, but remember you have made friends where you are, so you'll make other friends while you're away interstate and stay friendly with the ones you've already made.

It's adapting to a completely different environment but those you have left behind, well both of you have somewhere to stay when you want to go back interstate and you can still talk to each other via video calls.

Your friendship could be doubled rather than a loss, but please let us know.


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Community Champion


Thanks for post and welcome to the forum. I agree with what geoff has said in his helpful reply.

I always think the though of a move with children or without can be daunting but sometimes the very idea is harder than the actual move,

Sure there a lot of planning and work and organising schools etc, but as geoff has pointed out there will be advantages.

Sometimes I write down the advantages and disadvantages of a move and seeing them written down can make it clearer to see what needs to be done.

When you know what is offered and what you decide to do, we are listening.

Have you spoken to your husband about this?

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Community Champion

Hi Baker82,

I am sorry you are feeling really torn. I would just create a plan just in case, but nothing has been said yet - has it?

If you can wait until you have all the details and know for sure it might be easier for you to decide.

You won't leave people behind, you'll only move forward to meet new people 🙂 It is a big change and difficult to start new somewhere else, especially for teenage kids. But a lot of people do it and you guys will adapt if you choose to.

It is up to you - would you and your husband's relationship be impacted if you were long distance for a few days? Or do you want to be living together as a family? The answers will come to you.

All the best,


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Thanks Jaz,

it’s definitely food for thought. I appreciate your response.

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Thanks Geoff

you have some great points. Thanks for responding.

Thanks Quirkywords

we have talked about it and he is just as torn. I think once we have some further information we will be able to make more sense of it and do pros and cons.

thanks for your response.