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Any old BB's still here?

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just wondering who's still here from the old site? 


tracey xx

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

dear Tracy, hi, lovely to have you back, I've been here for 8 years, and now that's what I look like, no Brad Pitt, unfortunately some of the old responders tried to join in when this new system came into effect, but there were many teething problems, so they left.

Now it's running well and we have a manager Christopher who handles all our queries, plus he posts other sites to look at for a particular post. L Geoff. x

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Hi Tracey

This is my 3rd reincarnation to BB.   I was here first around in 2011;   then ventured away again and then back in 2012 and I was humming along then, till as Geoff mentioned the new system commenced.  I wasn't operating on all my sandwiches being in the picnic basket at the time and it became too much for me, so I moved away again.

I've now resurfaced again late last year ... to find that the new site is extremely well run and yes, it's awesome to have our brilliant man on his chair with his little Moo Moo on his lap, Geoff still here.  I honestly think that BB should create an Ambassadorship for this man - the tireless efforts that Geoff puts on here should be commended at a much higher level.  Anyway, that's just my thoughts.

This new site is really excellent and if you hang around for a while, you're going to meet some really wonderful folk who post here.

Kind regards



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I am still here. Have not been posting last couple of weeks as just working few a through things on my own over here. Trying to sort some stuff out. 

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Joey

Nice to see you're back on here.  I was just thinking of you the other day and was hoping you were doing ok.

Take care


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Thanks Jo for your message. I am here and kind of around. But had not been doing that great and had some stuff to work out. Some stuff related to my participation here. Sometimes I am not sure if it's helpful to me or not - but I don't seem able to leave. The thing is I am very busy (yes we all are!!). I get home from work/gym sometimes after 8 and I cook and then I am so tired. I am always so tired but have more to do. Then I come on here (because I want to) and there are. Thousand posts and it's overwhelming. Then if I start responding I feel the need to come back more and more which I probably don't have time for. But if I don't I feel left out as so much happens not he site while I am away. So it's all confusing. 

I guess the other thing is sometimes I feel so alone. I have no one you no. Absolutely no one in my real life. Maybe there's a reason for that.  Maybe I don't let people get close. Maybe it's the same here. 

Sorry should of started a new thread!

Tracey how are you. I do remember you I believe. I wish we could see all our old messages. I must of been handing around here well over 5 years now. 



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its so nice to see the "oldies" are still here! It's very reassuring in a weird way. I'm doing ok - up and down, I have a great psychologist who guides me in the right direction. 



Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member


ive just read the posts in this thread.  What beautiful people you are.  I'm feeling really down but reading this this felt like watching a group of old friends catching up.  I can't explain the picture I get in my mind.