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my mum struggles with mental health but doesn’t understand mine

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my mum has anxiety and depression as well as me, but she often makes me even more anxious and depressed. i’ve been to psychologists, counselors and doctors before who understand, but my mum doesn’t. basically someone very close to me is my support system, and they’re one of the only things that can make me feel better when i’m really down. the problem is, this is usually in the middle of the night. my mum found out that i was talking to them in the middle of the night, and i explained to her that they were my support system but she doesn’t care. now she takes away my phone at night and turns off the internet, so i’m completely cut off from them. everything to do with my mental health gets so much worse and i’ve told her this, but she’s under the impression that i’ll get more sleep. the problem is, i can’t sleep when i don’t talk to them. my sleeping is a lot worse, AND my depression and anxiety gets a lot worse at night. i’ve tried so many times to get her to understand, but she doesn’t listen to me. how do i make this situation okay?
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Community Champion

Dear Bubblegum5671~

It does sound as if your mum does want the best for you and in a way I can understand what she's thinking. You do need rest and to her maybe talking with your friend gets in the way of it. As well she might be thinking you are disturbing your friend, by calling in the middle of the night.

If you have already tried to explain and failed then I guess the way to go might be for your mum to have a talk wiht your friend and your freind's parents to see if there can be a set of rules that do not actually stop all contact, but tries to put in boundaries to ensure everyone gets some rest.

What do you think ?