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My mum is having an innaprorate relationship with my ex husband

Community Member
Im just wondering if anyone here has ever been in a situation where there parent sides with the ex. I got divorced a few years ago and am estranged from my mother due to the fact she still see's my ex husband several times a week. There have been people comming down 2 my dads workshop saying that she is having an affair with my ex husband . Dad says she is not, and is only making it look that way to spite me her daughter. Anybody else had this kind of betrayal?
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My mother and sister blamed me for my ex relationship breakdown....

They continue to go see her 3 years later for catch ups...it infuriates me and even tho I've told them I think it's innapropriate they claim she needs support to and they can see whoever they want

Ex is a narcissist so I'm not surprised they are pulled to her

Sorry to hear your situation

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Jacinta

Welcome to this supportive forum.

I am sorry that your mum is seeing your ex several times a week.

I know where inlaws have kept in contact so they can keep in contact with their grandchildren.

I think there is being civil and friendly and then there is inappropriate. Maybe once a year , or send a birthday card but as you are upset by this it seems your mum is not considering your feelings.

Have you told your mum how her actions are upsetting and affecting you?

Would you consider talking to your ex about your mum?