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I'm going to be lonley forever

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I'm 33yrs old with 5 kids. Aged 12 9 7 5 and 3 their dad walked out on us 2yrs ago for another woman and we haven't seen him since. He was a horrible man anyway but who's going to want an ugly fat single mum with 5 kids that are pretty much with me 24/7 I have no family my mum died a year ago and haven't seen my dad or siblings for years I havr no friends I'm so lonley I want to find love but I'm thinking this will be impossible. I also suffer anxiety which of course makes it harder. I feel that i have nothing in life to look forward to besides my kids which I love with all my heart but one day they will be grown and gone. And not many men would want to take on 5 kids that are not theres. I feel so sad lonley unloved and unwanted and I'm sure I'm destined to be alone forever 😞 just venting
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Hi Lonely 1 🙂

You sound like such a beautiful, amazing, hardworking, devoted mother.

(I am single and 33 with no kids and I barely stay afloat just running my own life with anxiety and depression) 🙂

Absolutely incredible, you are!

I can truly feel your pain, loss, anxiety and concerns through your expression of your current situation. When circumstances feel like they have not changed and do not seem to change to meet our needs (to love, feel loved, and have a sense of belonging) it certainly can feel, overwhelming, neverending and depressing. Please know that all your feelings, fears and worries are valid but certainly not permanent, even when it really feels that way. Living alone can definitely be challenging and tiring when we are struggling in our days.

The only support I can offer are words of understanding and compassion. Please be gentle with yourself and allow yourself time to heal and adjust to your new situation. You are doing extremely well and being proud of yourself when you feel up to it, will help ease your anxiety, little by little, day by day. You've got this, Girl! Razzle and dazzle and develop a love for yourself. Seeking support is a fantastic start to keeping hope close to the heart. You never know what tomorrow may bring and you truly do have the power to be, do and have whatever you desire.

Let yourself love yourself today. xo

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hello Lonely, what a lovely comment by Daisy, but we can get to a stage in life when we forget all the good that has happened within ourselves, you have 5 children, your husband has gone, however that's not enough to make you feel better.
There is nothing that is impossible in life but when anxiety and depression comes along then all your negative thoughts become more dominant, but to raise 5 children must be a handful, especially as they begin to mature, but you have to feel as though you have accomplished much in your life, sure there will times when you sit in the corner of the house by yourself and begin to cry, longing for male company.
Keep your mind open, you don't know that there maybe someone watching out for you, but too shy to make contact. Geoff.

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Thank you for your kind words. I can only hope there's someone out there for me. I will just continue raising my babies they are all my life is about.