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Devastated due to husband leaving me

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My husband left me with no warning just over a week ago. I am an empty shell struggling every minute of the day. I have a disabled adult daughter and I’m am trying to keep it together in front of her but it’s exceedingly difficult. I have zero support. I just need someone to talk to
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My husband did the exact same late last year and I know how you feel.
I have 2 teenage boys.
It has been so hard and some days are good and some days are shit! No other way to describe it.
Every one is here to offer support and a place we can listen to you.
Can you seek some help from a counsellor. I find this helps me

Community Champion
Community Champion


I am sorry you are finding it difficult and you are struggling after the shock of your husband leaving.

You have a lot to do with your daughter as well as looking after yourself.

As Jayne has said, we are here to listen and support you.

.Jayne also mentioned you may want to try seeing a counsellor

or ring on Beyond Blue Support line ,where you can talk top a trained person.

1300224636 They will help with support advice action.

Many people will be able to relate to your post.