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Breakup & depression

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Hey. So my boyfriend and I broke up this week. He brought it up but we kind of both mutually agreed to break up. However I still held hope - he said he still loved and cared for me and him not loving me wasn’t the reason for breaking up. Today he told me that he realised he hadn’t actually loved me for a while and he only just realised. This absolutely crushed me. I already deal with depression and anxiety. But hearing someone you love, who you thought loved you - tells you he didn’t love you. I’m so heartbroken. We were together for nearly 3 years and lived together (the first boyfriend I’ve lived with and saw a future with). I know there’s nothing to do to help but I don’t have many friends and needed to rant to someone.
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Champion Alumni

Hello Dvdn, even a mutual breakup is still not easy, sometimes it can be harder, especially when he says he doesn't love you.

With depression, this is said so many times as a way of escaping, but it may not be the case at all, it's just that they have lost the thought of what love means and need to be by themselves.

If you would like to tell us why you broke up then it maybe easier for us to help you.

We appreciate the trust you have with us.