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Anxiety and finding a partner. Is it possible?

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Hi all

I am a 50yo male married twice and divorced. I have been living mostly alone for 3 years and separated for 8 years. i am traveling in my caravan full time and would like nothing more than to find a companion to share it all with. I struggle every day to function and do the must do things to get through my day but i feel i would function so much better with someone to keep me focused and motivated. my step son moved out 3 years ago at 21yo and i am very lonely and withdrawn since. His girlfriend has driven a wedge between us and i miss him a lot. he was my best mate for 12 years and it hard to get on without him around. I was always very focused and did quite well when he was around.

I am a decent person caring thoughtful and very trustworthy. i get the feeling i could be helping someone to overcome some of lifes obstacles and in return they could be helping me to keep focused on the good stuff.

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Champion Alumni

Hi Walshy

A Warm Welcome to the BB Forums to you

I am a bit older than you but the pain level is the same. My daughter moved out when she was 17 about 5 years ago and I miss her a great deal. I have had severe anxiety for 25 years which has gone and now have depression. Finding a 'understanding' partner for me has been a huge issue and even though I have lived alone for 5 years I do miss the companionship so very much too Walshy.

I envy you a great deal for traveling and being mobile full time. You legend! I have recently been made redundant and the power of the mortgage is very strong. Finding someone that understands depression is an issue for me. I have recently slipped back down into the RollerCoaster of depression a bit...I do hope my post makes some sense. I seem to have some difficulty with my concentration recently.

Is that a cute little dog in your profile pic?

There are wonderful people on the forums Walshy and we are here if you need us...The BB Cafe is open and if you wish to have a cyber cuppa you are very welcome!

Kind Thoughts


Hi Walshy and Paul,

Depression and loneliness are a terrible combination aren't they! I too envy you Walshy for your life style, it sounds fantastic, but I am sure there must be days where you do feel alone.

So how do guys usually get together and share friendships? Do either of you have hobbies or interests that might connect you with other people?

Are there clubs or groups that you could join to meet new people? That must be a little more difficult to do while you are travelling around Walshy I guess.

I've no idea where you are travelling Walshy, but I have heard of caravanning people who volunteer to help out on farms and in rural communities. That may be a way to meet to other people.

Here in S.A. there is a group called Blaze Aid who help out after bushfires. These people can stay in a region for months helping out with fencing, cleaning up properties and so much more. The people travel around in a group. Something like that could provide friendships and different opportunities.

There is usually someone here to chat to as well!

Wishing you both a cheerful day and new opportunities to meet others.

From Mrs. Dools