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Another relapse

Community Member
My partner has adhd psychosis but it has been years since his last episode so he stopped taking his medication which has led to him having a relapse 5 weeks out from us having our first child while he was in another state for work which has resulting in him being hospitalised in that state and finding it hard to get him closer to home.
sometimes these episodes can take weeks to months to recover from which makes things harder for me being so close to giving birth when I spoke to him he couldn’t even remember who I was I’m just finding it really hard to stay focused and hoping that he comes out of the delusion soon but seems unlikely. I’m trying to be patient and I know he just isn’t in his right mind at the moment but it doesn’t make it any easier.
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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi, welcome

Im sorry for your predicament but we vhampions here are volunteers with strictly a peer type advisory service for support.

I think you best action is to get him to medical care even if you have to make a doctors visit to his current address.

i hope that helps