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Today I feel depressed finding out I will lose another friend to cancer I hate the thought my friend has to suffer a slow horrible death I try to stay strong I do tend to feel bad because we lost contact for many years I don't think I am ready to lose her yet 

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Hi, welcome


I know how you feel, losing 3 members in one year 3 years ago and I have a father figure that wont reach xmas. 


What has helped me for many years is a comment my ex wife said some 30 years ago. "Tony, when you accept that death is part of life, then you'll accept death better". Then "Tony, when you watch a bee gathering nectar, a eagle soaring or a wombat running and really appreciate those events you'll have a higher appreciation of life and to live it fully".


However, the flip side is that the grieving period for the loss of a loved one is a mandatory process that shouldnt be rushed. 


I suggested to a neighbour once following the death of his adult son, to plant a rose garden and name it after his son. When he sold that property he took cuttings off all the roses and planted them at his new home. Ironically the original roses his son had planted himself years earlier.


So, yes allow your grief to be natural but not to lose sight of the wonders of life when you can. You are obviously close to your friend and giving them comfort while here is a wonderful gift from a beautiful person



Thank you for your kind words. It's important to speak up and share our thoughts instead of keeping them bottled up inside