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I am Australian but no one believes

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Thus is a thing from childhood. All y family and grand and great parents ozzies. I have never felt that. Was the outside one. 

So I travel a lot and always back home  my home Australia town. 

I get depress every time .Not that they ask where I am from. But they  never  believe me .Yes i born and mother and father  both grandparents and exxx..

. Australia my home. But I feel better.out of it and no depression 

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear AllanRoyCamm~

Welcome here to the Forum, a place where you will be accepted for yourself without question.


To be born and bred in a home town and then to have that questioned is a horrible thing, it at the least makes one feel one is an outsider.  I'm not surprised at all you find it depressing and spend time elswhere which you find more comfortable.


Unfortunatly there are many in this country that do have prejudices and preconceived ideas. Particularly if a person has inherited some overseas characteristics.  It is getting less as time goes on and more and more people are coming here from elswhere in the world, and it is noticeably less in the  capital cities, which are pretty cosmopolitan and have a large population.


I would suggest that if at all possible you ignore the more insensitive or limited people and concentrate on kinder souls that you can feel comfortable with.


The only other thing I can think of to bear in mind is htat people become accustomed to the individual, and then see them as just a person, not a stranger.


Do your family have the same problem?