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bipolar disorder.

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Hi. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2018, I had flown to Queensland to celebrate my best friend's birthday. I had a psychotic episode and was displayed symptoms not known to my friend in the 25 years she had known me. She called the police who then handcuffed me as I was being aggressive towards my friends and family. She must have called an ambulance also, where I was sedated and taken to hospital. She only visited me once during my stay, on Mother's Day. My parents to see how I was. I stayed in hospital for about 10 days. My husband had to fly up, to escort me home as I wanted to commit suicide. I spent the best part of about two years in a manic low. I had lost a lot of weight during this time. Nowadays, I see my psychiatrist every six weeks and my medications are stable. I still have manic episodes, but not the same extent. I am good when I'm not manic.

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Hi, welcome to this caring community


I have bipolar2, am 67yo and have been in similar situations. I had 2 psychotic events in 2013 and had to retire from working. I have a few questions please-


  • Do you work? (full time/part time)
  • Do you have hobbies/sport/interests?
  • Have you sent any thankyou to your friend for visiting your parents?

I'm happy you are stable on medication. Unfortunately even with the ideal medication bipolar symptoms can remain albeit to a lesser extent. That "lesser extent" hopefully means we creep into the boundary of the circle of normality whereby friends and family/work colleagues can tolerate us. If that medication isnt spot on, we can be intolerable and we cannot blame friends or family for saying to themselves "nope, I've tried and I cant take anymore of her outbursts/depression/behaviour." That is extremely hard to swallow. So I suggest having said that, you might have a lot of learning ahead of you in order to improve your persona, become more likable, see the signs of mood turns that allow you to drift from people until you feel better and so on. 


Here at beyond blue we have a huge online library - just use search bar.


Suicidal thoughts or plans is an extremely bad place to be and I've been there. So can I say that while I've been here for 10 years and advised many to have a mental health plan at those times, we often are so distressed we dont want human contact. Put all that aside. A few months ago I walked into a medical facility and simply said "I dont feel safe please help me". I got the help I needed. We owe that to our loved ones.




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