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Post has vanished - what happened?

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I posted a lengthy reply in the "Supporting family and friends" forum a couple of days ago in response to a cry for help in the "Desperately Seeking Answers!" thread. It was quite a dense post so I understand that it may take a while for moderation. I reposted a placeholder the next day since my post hadn't appeared so that the OP didn't feel ignored but there was some really useful information (IMO anyway!) in my original post that would be a shame to lose.

I've had no email that my post was not able to be published or required editing - it just seems to have gone into a black hole. My session had not timed out, so that's not it either.

What's the story? It's a bit demoralising to spend so long writing thoughtful replies and then have them vanish into thin air without explanation. If there's a problem with my post I'd appreciate being told what it is so I can avoid that in future.

On a different but related note it would be helpful if, when mods move a thread to a new forum, that posters are advised by email. I was getting very frustrated that threads I'd posted to were disappearing, until I read someone else's tip about checking "My posts" to find them (which, by the way, does not appear anywhere except the main forum page - a UI inconsistency that needs addressing).

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi BeeGee,

All the posts we have received from you have been published, so I'm not sure what happened to the post you refer to. We do email users if their posts have to be edited before publication or are unable to publish their posts, on every occasion. We do understand the emotional investment that all our members have in the forums, and do our best to try and keep people happy.

When threads are moved, we advise the member who posted the original topic by email that this has occurred. It would not be practical for us to message all contributors to threads that we need to move. As you have discovered, you can always keep track of your posts via the "My posts" tab. We do ask members as part of our community rules to choose the most appropriate section for their posts.

Future upgrades to the forums will allow members to subscribe to threads that they are interested in, and send email updates when new replies come in. We expect this to be up and running before the end of the year, resources permitting.  

Thanks for your feedback about the tabs between All posts/My posts/New posts. We'll take this into account when planning future upgrades.