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Hello! New here. My anxiety is at the worst it’s ever been. I’ve suffered from anxiety off and on for as long as I can remember. The last 3 months have worn me down to the lowest I’ve been, struggling with a mix of anxiety, depression and burnout.

I’m starting a mental heath plan, and have been working really closely with my GP. Stepping out of my comfort zone to join this forum and speak to others who know how it is and how to deal with the really bad anxiety days.

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Hi Beach

Well done for reaching out both with your GP and here.

I've also dealt with anxiety on and off for many years (mostly health anxiety) and recently also went through a bad patch. Similar to you burnout was a big part of it escalating for me.

I've been seeing a psych for a couple of months now and finding that, and other strategies, is helping. Hoping your first appt comes up soon and that you find it helpful too.

Meanwhile continue to post on here, I'm sure others will jump in and welcome you before long 🙂

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Hello Beach

Welcome to the forum. It's great you have found us.

It's also great you have been working with your GP and now have a mental health plan. I hope you can start meeting with a psychologist soon. Beyondblue is a good place to talk about those problems that trouble you. While all our difficulties in life are different to each other we all know the pain of being unwell and struggling to regain our health. Talking here is good.

Is your burnout related to your work? I know that at times work can become overwhelming and it feels as though it will always be like that. If this is the case can you talk to anyone at work about it and perhaps negotiate less stressful duties? Are you taking time off from work to get well again? I remember when my depression first hit me I was in a bad way. The psychiatrist I saw wanted me to take sick leave but the prospect of being at home on my own 24/7 was horrendous.

I had not long separated from my husband and this was my first experience of living alone for many years. I think this is what triggered my depression and boy was I in a bad way. The psychiatrist agreed to me working four hours a day and gave me a medical certificate, well a letter really, to say I should work these hours. My manager was not pleased. I think he would have liked me to be off work totally and find someone to do my job until I returned.

Perhaps you can tell us a little more about yourself. Do you have a family etc and anything else you would like to talk about. Remember we are always here although not necessarily able to reply immediately.