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Teen daughter with severe anxiety

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Hi all, i'm new and am really just looking for a safe place to spill and some ideas/hints anything that can help my daughter really.....

My daughter is 14 and has recently (4months or so) been diagnosed with social anxiety and mild ocd. she has always been a little anxious but this year things have gotten much worse for her and a few months ago she had a complete break down at school. her hands and feet clawed and her face went all numb and tingly. I feel so bad as her mum that i didnt know things were so bad for her. we have a close relationship and talk alot, i knew things were worrying her but i thought she was doing better than she obviously was.

She now has a psychologist and is currently on medicationwhich is being increased each fortnight at the moment til we hit a certain dosage.

She does her breathing regularly and really does for the most part appear to be improving, we are working hard as a family to support her. Today while i was at work she went shopping with her dad and her brother and she said she could feel herself tensing up and was trying to keep herself calm when her hands and feet started to clam her face went tingly then her mouth kind of locked? She said it was like she couldnt move her lips. My husband said it was kind of like she was frozen or had a stroke.... she breathed and cried and then calmed down and it settled after about 10 minutes but its really concerning me. I'm wondering if this kind of symptom is common?? should i be taking her back to the dr? the hard thing is if i act like i'm worried she gets really worried that theres something else wrong with her like she's going to die or have a stroke or heart attack.

thanks so much for listening (or reading )

a worried mumma of a precious girl

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Hello Belsco

Welcome to the forums and having the courage to post too

It would be heartbreaking to see your daughter experience anxiety especially at this young age.

The symptoms do vary greatly with this awful disorder unfortunately. I understand your situation as I used to have chronic anxiety that started in my early twenties.

Im not a GP but your daughters' experience appears to be anxiety related. An anxiety attack can appear like the person is frozen as their adrenaline is pumping very hard even though there is no threat. Settling down in approx 10 minutes is common as an anxiety attack has a short duration.

Seeing your GP is a good idea even just to provide you and your daughter some peace of mind after this attack.

Anxiety symptoms are horrible Belsco. I used to think I was going to die in the first 12 months of my anxiety.

Some of the symptoms are feeling 'frozen'...tightness of breath....dizziness....feeling faint (even though a sufferer rarely does..I cant recall one case of this) Irritable bowel....nausea....sweaty palms....tremors...heart palpitations...night sweats. Some people have just a couple of these and some (like myself) had all of them

Copy & Past this handy link from Beyond Blue which will provide valuable information about caring for someone with anxiety.


The Good News!

  • Anxiety disorder symptoms do decrease over time with super regular counseling (I had weekly & f/nightly)
  • The earlier anxiety is treated the greater benefit therapy and medication will have for your daughter

The forums also have a Young People's thread here on the forums too.(if your daughter is interested)

You/your daughter are not alone here. There are many gentle people on the forums that also suffer similar levels of anxiety too

You are more than welcome to post back as many times as you wish Belsco

My kind thoughts for your daughter and yourself (and dad too)


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Thanks so much Paul, I will look at that link and will also suggest to her that she might want to pop into the teenage section for a look. She does have a very good friend (in another state unfortunately) who suffers from anxiety, he has been a great support to her which has been a blessing and she's lucky to have a couple of very very close girlfriends who are working hard to support her.

Thanks again


Hey Belsco

Thankyou for posting back! You are not alone here...my daughter started to self harm in her late teens and has done twice since she was 18....she is 24 now. Its so very upsetting..whether its anxiety or any disorder

Here is the link for the young peoples forums if you think its a positive for your daughter. I was only thinking that your daughter may feel like she 'really' not alone by being a part of a positive group


Belsco...just for your information as a parent. The Beyond Blue forums have strict rules thus providing a very safe place for your daughter if she chooses to even just hello on the 'Young People' forums.

The Young Peoples forums is designed for people like your and my daughter. The age group is between 12-25 and is strictly moderated to ensure the privacy of every member/poster.

Please feel free to have a look at the 'Young Peoples' thread for yourself. I just wish my daughter would say hello on it!

Have a great night Belsco 🙂

My Kindest

Paul (Volunteer)

Hello Belsco

Thankyou so much for posting back. Our techs are working on the forums and if you receive this post twice please forgive me 🙂

The Young Peoples thread link is...


All the forum threads are moderated to ensure you & your daughter's privacy is paramount.

The Young Peoples thread is available for 12-25 year olds so they can benefit from mutual support and really know that they are not alone with their issues.

My daughter is 24 with her anxiety and I hope she can just say hello. I can only suggest to her that she has other people of similar age that are going through a difficult time too

I hope you can stick around Belsco and thanks again for being a part of the forum family too

My Kindest