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How to help another person but not get depressed myself

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I am dealing with my own issues but also trying tobbe supportive if someone else but feel overwhelmed and cannot assist much but listen. Now when i had bad day myself they felt their issues were too much for me and seemed angry. As i will not break their confidentiality i need to not deel guilty or angry at this person. I am journaling my thoughts as too worried to say to this person how i feel as they are extremely sensitive so its a delicate situation. Iam trying to complete my resume for a position that closes on friday but not motivated any suggestions to get back on track?
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Jinxygal. I know it can be stressful trying to manage your own mental health and try to assist someone else. I find that you need to find a balance between looking after yourself and helping others. When you go on an airplane you are told

fit your own mask before fitting others

There is a reason why we have to do that. You can not help others if you do not help yourself. Maybe you should let your friend know that together you both need to be open about mental health and try be a support system for each other. Or maybe let her know if you are having an off day and need avoid certain triggering topics.

When supporting someone a lot of the time they just want someone to talk to and listen to them and be understanding. You just listening is helping them more than you know.

I felt overwhelmed by persons issues. I met one more time but i made mistake of walking away as i just didn't know what to say. Bad mistake. Letter of friendship returned and no longer in contact. I guess i still need to learn not to be hasty in actions. My life will go on until I've had enough.

Fine to listen to them but do they listen to me???? I don't care anymore. At my age iam just filling in time till i die. I will smile on outside but wont discuss with others but at end of day i have to get on with life on my own. 😑