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Feeling lost hurt hollow

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Hi all new to group 54 here

2 weeks ago was at work got a call from neighbor asking are we moving.said no ok just so your aware there lots of furniture being moved in out house. Rang wife said she was ok.said any noise outsidesay no. So i said come home ok .i got home nothing left in house car gone camper trailer but a note

I love you very much and will always.i need space .be in touch soon love you baby xoxo. So i here thinking what tha .trying make sense of note can contact her so now .i am 54 no parents no brothers sister or any thing i put everything into my wife. I have 2 daughters from many yrs ago they been great. But all freinds have not spoke and few of what i thought was best mates . Nope. So end of day no one to talk to .social just i dont know any more all i know is my wife ...

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Hi Seeking, thanks for posting your comment and I'm very sorry to hear of what has happened and sure it was a complete surprise, with many questions you would like to ask.

It's not easy to know what her intention was, as what she has said doesn't automatically match her actions, except to say 'she needs space'.

So the question is how was the marriage beforehand, any signs of depression of any type, or any indication that something else could be happening.

I've had my wife leave me (when we were married ) and only took our 2 small sons but did come back.

Can you get back to us so we can talk about what's happened as this must have been a shock for you.


The marriage was great no issues we both worked night shift so had time together during day time . I am happy give space but at least speak to me.. but i cant make her .she moved into her own place from what i know she has a 400 a week bill before she starts now has a rent power water food stuff she trying to pay off

Been demoted in her job cos not functioning

Now gss 2 rego and a camper trailer as well

i had her new fone under contract in my name she sent that back but i said to daughter if you can get to her she can have phone

She was very happy i said yes as she said to daughter i did not think ya dad let me have

they tried to get into her name but failed becose of a credit file

Why was in my name

Funny when caught up she asked daughter how i was

Is he ok

I said to daughter here its her biryjday next week takecthese roses and card too give to her for her birthday

she said tell dad thanks ther lovely

He always buys me flowers

Was still wearing our special heart pendants i hsd custome made for us her wedding ring too

Tell dad i be keeoing same mobile number

Daughter said did you want dad delete your number out his fone

She say no its ok that way if need when i ready can sms or ring me

Tell dad love him

Dad say you have time he loves you that much

You do make our dad hsppy

What ever it is must be good cos not even our mother could keep dad happy

Thats saying a lot

Sent message for her birthday

Got sms back hi hun the flowers card sms are lovely xoxoxo

Nothing since then

So niw i am where do i go from here she handed daughter a letter said these the issues

Social media as had our own site on web

Parking of landcruiser on foot path

Impulse spend

Lost whom she was eg

Felt not my partner or wife bit like my mother

Hey Seeking, it's obvious she loves you, but I'm concerned about a couple of issues, why the separation, her lack of being able to fund herself is going to cause her problems and the reason why she has moved out.

I'm not forgetting about you because you're just as important as your wife, and worry about how you are going to be, I know it's a shock and something you never expected and is a great disappointment, but she is still sending love messages, and this is going to hurt you.

Do you have any plans for the next couple of weeks, and can you take some time off work and move in with one of your daughters, and could you have any marriage counselling, I'm so sorry to ask you these questions in such a difficult time, as I know how you are feeling, so please excuse me.

I would visit your GP that's where you have someone who is medically able to help you, but we are here to keep listening and then talking back to you.

I hope you can reply.