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Which guilty pleasures do u spend $$ on?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi All,

For me it's lotto, poker machines and hotel stays.

Ive been lucky and won small sums of money which entice me to go back for more. I've been one number short of a first division lotto win twice. I've also won the venues $1000 win while playing a pokie.

I like change which is the reason for my hotel stays. I usually stay for one or two nights to explore a new area.

What are your guilty pleasures?

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Hi All,

So I cooked up the soup (the coconut lentil curry soup mix in a jar). And I thought I’d report back to say it was absolutely delicious, because I know you’re all just waiting to hear that... ha! πŸ˜‰

It’s inspired me to try variations on the ingredients. I find cooking a bit of a chore most of the time, so this is a good thing.

Hi Em, very creative of you to turn a blanket into something wearable!

Hi Lillylane,
That's great that the ingredients in the pretty jar turned out delicious and has inspired you to cook. Yummo.

Sometimes life required a bit of sparkle to keep us going again. Speaking of sparkle, I really hope I can get in for a manicure tomorrow. I want my nails to match my toenails. Really want to dress them up for Christmas time.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
Hi all,

I got myself wrist braces, which seem like a silly exercise aid that I didn't really need to buy at the time but don't really feel guilty about this purchase coz it is so damn handy and has many uses! You can use them for workouts and when you are driving and working at a desk, to keep those pesky RSI injuries at bay!

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey Lilly Pilly!

Love that you liked the coconut lentil curry! Phew I was waiting with baited breath for the outcome! LOL!

Hey Tay100!

I LOVE those wrist supports! They worked so well when I had carpal tunnel.

GOOD on you! lol.

I bought myself a pretty pair of gold earrings this week and 2 pairs of Summer shoes today.




Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
Thanks ecomama- they are very handy! And I hope the summer shoes get lots of use too!

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey Tay, those wrist supports are very handy. I had ones made specially for me in the hospital bec of the multiple babies in my belly at the time. They kept my hands flat out when I slept bec my hands would turn into fists when I slept and that perpetuated the issue.

I'm glad you bought them for yourself.

Yeah I have a pair of those shoes on right now! lol, spongy and comfy.

I bought myself an electric slicer on sale and I'm SO GLAD I did!
It's coming in very handy with all the kid's meals.
Slices anything!

I sliced up a wombok cabbage for a salad and it worked a beauty!


Strong wrists and sliced food, and they go hand in hand lol...
My lame attempt at a joke haha.
Awesome purchases Tay & Eco.

I've been spending a lot of money on fruit and veg because I've been juicing everything and I feel guilty. Then I say to myself U can't put a price on nutrition. It's strange how I feel guilty spending a lot on fruit and veg. Never bought this much in my life lol. Today I spent nearly $60 on loads of apples, carrots, cucumbers, mangoes, strawberries, baby spinach, bananas, raw beetroot, celery, and watermelon.

Hey hey monkey!

Just take stock for a minute there! I think this is an INVESTMENT!

So your yummy fruit and veg purchases may last 5 days or so?

Do you KNOW how much they charge for ONE fresh juice and it was a SMALL one?
EIGHT DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS lol. So given that calculation, you'd get about 7 small cups.

Count them as you juice this week and I bet you're gonna get double or far more out of all that!
omg my chooks would LOVE you here! They love pecking at the peels and chunky stuff from the juicer lol.

But you have NO IDEA how much you'd have to spend if your health deteriorated.
And most stuff we do buy for our "health" is highly processed and comes in tablet form... no way is that as beneficial for your gut and digestive system.

I think you should be PROUD you're spending money on fresh fruit and veg and SAVING money and stress and crap on fixing your health.

Remember you can always visit a Community Garden to pick some yummies for free, if you feel inclined. It's there for ALL.

Knock yourself OUT monkey girl!

I'm going off to buy some tonight to join you!


I like the way you see things Em!!!

I've already made half the juice and a smoothie and I've calculated I'd get at least 30 small cups juice and 20 smoothies out of all the fresh produce I bought. Wow, that's a lot! Like I said I like the way you see things!!!

Just had a mango,banana,baby spinach smoothie it was sooo good. And had some watermelon, strawberry,apple, cucumber juice-yum. I'm making loads today lol!

And you can also freeze the produce to last longer....

I'd happily give your chooks the pulp. I have no use for it here.

Happy shopping Em!


Juices and smoothies are so expensive in stores

and sometimes they combine fresh juices with pre-bottled and use a lot of apple juice as a base and so few fresh fruits and veg...

ur doing the best for ur bod and stocking up on goodness. i am so excited for all the juices u can make with ur bundle.