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I found my zen today

Community Member

I haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time. I had even lost my desire to draw which had been very therapeutic in previous month.

But the warm weather & sunshine is back in Sydney. I brought myself a new outdoor lounge for Xmas, I’ve used it a little, but today I was able to lay out on it & soak up some sun.

Ive done some sudoku puzzles, had a beer & been totally chilled out.

I can’t remember I time I felt so relaxed. The anxiety isn’t entirely gone, but it’s dulled today. I think the happy outdoors sounds are drowning it out.

I can hear happy kids playing in the distance, the insects are humming, there’s a gentle, cool breeze blowing & I've been out here for hours now.

I just found myself staring at the pine tree in the garden, deciphering all the colours in the pine needles, branches, trunk & I am suddenly inspired to go grab my sketch book & oil pastels & capture it.

so nice to have some happiness back, I hope it sticks around & gets me through my work day tomorrow 😎

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Community Member
Hey TheBigBlue, that's wonderful to hear! I'm happy for you and proud of you.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello TheBigBlue..

Your post is so inspiring and heartwarming...I am so happy for you today..and hoping that your relaxed feeling will stay with you forever..

I agree about sitting outdoors in the sunshine..I have always believed that nature has a bigger part then we all realise in its healing powers..

So happy for you..

Kind thoughts..


Summer Rose
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi TheBigBlue

Awesome news! Thank you for sharing. Your post made my day!

Kind thoughts to you

Community Member

Thanks all.

I’m still feeling good, my roast salmon dish is in the oven & I might finish of my art piece I started today. I had such a good day today, my mojo is back 😊

Community Champion
Community Champion
I too am pleased you shared your relaxing day with us. Hopefully this positive feeling will keep going.