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Which guilty pleasures do u spend $$ on?

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Valued Contributor

Hi All,

For me it's lotto, poker machines and hotel stays.

Ive been lucky and won small sums of money which entice me to go back for more. I've been one number short of a first division lotto win twice. I've also won the venues $1000 win while playing a pokie.

I like change which is the reason for my hotel stays. I usually stay for one or two nights to explore a new area.

What are your guilty pleasures?

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Hey monkey, Sleepy and all

I have a tube of really nice 50+ sunscreen RIGHT next to my driver's seat. I put it on, on the way to work. I've got tubes of it EVERYWHERE for me and the kids.

Plus I wear a hat almost all the time outdoors. Unless it's night lol.

I get my feet done when I get a present of it for mother's day, birthdays or Christmas. Or when Alexa is loaded. My last pedi was about 3 weeks ago. We got a HOT WAX TREATMENT and it blew my mind lol.

The laser worked a treat. Yep you need to have dark hairs for it to work they told me. But I'm not that hairy, I got the arm pits and private areas done. Don't really have hairs on my arms or legs I can notice. My eyebrows need nothing. No moustache YET but there's still time lol.

My work friend told me how she buys gel nail polish ONLY now and bought a light thingy (lol... IDK what they're called) from the Chemist to "set" it. But you need special nail polish remover then. Her nails look professionally done and seldom chip.

I can't think of that kind of expense atm. I'd have to buy NEW nail polishes and we have buckets of the old fashioned type.

Alexa found a wonderful female masseuse that does home visits and she wants me to do that with her next lol... hard to get a matching time to do it atm. Maybe on my leave.

I'm not into massages, they hurt! I have a chiro and he's fine. Better than fine, works a treat once a month. My health fund extras cover means I only pay between $0 - $5 - $20 depending on how many of us go at the same time.

But Alexa said the masseuse can do a gentle massage bec she asked her for me lol.
IDK. Maybe during my leave soon but I'll think we'll be run off our feet then too.


Massages are the greatest. I had one at the markets the other day and afterwards felt like I had either taken a drug, or was walking on a cloud lol.

Yes, that's how they did my nails, using that light thing and so far no chips. They called the nails shilack. Not sure of spelling. I may invest in a whole nail kit one day...or just keep going to the professionals sparingly.

My latest pleasure ( guilty or not) is going to be a juicer. I will be creative and make lots of different fruit and vegetable juices. Pretty sure I'm going to be healthier than I've ever been!

Hi Monkey and all,

I really like that floaty, walking on a cloud feeling after a massage.

Today I bought a ‘coconut lentil curry soup mix’ all layered in a pretty jar. A splurge as it looks like it’s supposed to be given as a gift. But I wanted it for myself. Like the idea of just chucking it all in a pot and letting it simmer without worrying about what to add or what amounts.

Plus the colourful ingredients look so pretty layered in a jar with a lovely tag with instructions on how to cook it.

i stumbled upon a makers market the other day and on a whim bought a bouquet of dried flowers. They are gorgeous. I felt SO GUILTY afterwards. I thought I couldn't really afford it and it was a bit indulgent and I just got carried away in the fun of the market and wanted to join in and be free so had to spend some $$$...

Why did I feel so guilty (I know why... history of abuse and neglect)....

I want to change this. It's probably the best thing I bought for myself, it really reflects my energy, I feel very connected and inspired by the flowers... so isn't that really what money is for??

Interesting to notice how we feel after spending. I have a lot of buyers remorse whenever I treat myelf. I find it really hard to do.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey Sleepy and a wave to everyone

I also get a yuck feeling spending money on myself.

I can spend literally thousands on my kids and go to buy a chai and feel guilty.

I wish I could fully understand this issue in myself, so if you get any good feedback, I'd LOVE to hear it!

Alexa also has this issue. But she's working on it.

She uses the phrase "I DESERVE THIS" and I'm not so comfortable with it for myself.

Those flowers you bought sound amazing and I'm glad they lift you up when you look at them.

Love EMxxxx

Hi Magic!

my weakness is JB HiFi.....omg they are the Bee's Knee's

Hope you are doing well....I love your good vibrations

Hugs (if thats okay).....Paul

Hi Sleepy

I can relate and I struggle with this too. It’s interesting (and frustrating) that we feel more of a need to justify a purchase when it’s for ourselves.

I think our subconscious recognises something we come across that is good for us. Finding something we connect with could be exactly what we need at that time. Even as our conscious mind might struggle with the decision afterwards.

I love how flowers soften our surroundings in the way that only flowers can. However, one of our cats loves chewing on them so they often don’t last long at our place - even dry ones! Sometimes he loves just pulling them all out of the vase. I’ve tried giving him his own pot of cat grass. But tipping over vases is still too much fun apparently!

So far the only thing he hasn’t chewed on or disturbed are some dry cotton flowers. I appreciate them even more now because they’ve survived our cat.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I bought some cool stuff for myself today with all the realisations from this thread in mind lol...

* some beautiful Swiss products from the Health Food store to help myself heal from surgery and also for my skin... skin food lol... and there's a new product this company makes now, my favourite hand cream turned into a body cream now too. Bought those!

* yummy Vietnamese food for dinner

* I ordered a new phone for my daughter because hers broke last night... she's looked after her phone SO WELL and ofcourse she can't live without one lol (who can?). In a bundle they gave us a new loudspeaker for $2 extra per month. Very nice quality and we took the deal. Plus they gave her alone 60 gb of data per month and I don't think that's enough lol...

Just joking. Better be!

I'm getting some more tung oil for my timber floors and outdoor setting on the weekend.

For some unknown reason I can go wild in the Hardware store and not feel an inch of guilt lol!!!

Hey blondguy Paul HUGS right back at you!


Hi everyone,

I've really enjoyed reading all of your guilty, or not so guilty pleasures!

Splurging on ourselves occasionally cannot be a bad thing.

Today I bought another kaftan. For those who don't know what they are they are an oversized colourful top. I just love kaftans. I've decided that the shop " autograph" is one of my favorites.

Let's keep the good vibrations going....eh Paul.


Hey monkey

I love ponchos lol... I only wear them occasionally in the Winter but they're fun and warm.

I once bought a nice burnished orange cotton blanket (not the waffle kind) from an Op Shop then cut it in half and stitched blanket stitch all around it - and around a hole I made for the head - in a variegated thread and sent them to my daughter and her best friend living in the outback.

Not quite a kaftan, still a happy thought!