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Which guilty pleasures do u spend $$ on?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi All,

For me it's lotto, poker machines and hotel stays.

Ive been lucky and won small sums of money which entice me to go back for more. I've been one number short of a first division lotto win twice. I've also won the venues $1000 win while playing a pokie.

I like change which is the reason for my hotel stays. I usually stay for one or two nights to explore a new area.

What are your guilty pleasures?

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

That's very indulgent fun , I love those places. Tbh I get overwhelmed with the choices!

I like to spend money on going to nice beauticians to get my brows done and once every 5 years even a facial

I like having nice sheets

I like to have good quality shoes, runners and boots even though expensive

And I spent money earlier last year on a television and mounting it on the wall, very unlike me and was hard to do, but it has saved me during lockdown.

You know, I have never payed for a facial. I've bought loads of facial products including masks but have never had a professional facial.
And here I was thinking omg only every 5 years...but I'm much worse haha.

Quality footwear, sheets, and TVs...no complaints here.

Sometimes you have to pay a little more for something longer lasting and better in quality.

Monks u might like it!!
I thought about it and was probably a bit more like every two years I've had a few

They do the extractions - ouch - followed by smothering and battering the face in various lotions

but i don't go frequently for sure.... not sure if it's worth it but a few of them have been quite luxurious - same as getting a massage - i've had three or four in my lifetime

If I got pro at self care and saving i'd go more regularly but intersting concept to hink of what's worth the spend

agree wholeheartedly it is often worth it to spend on things that will last

I do love being pampered so yeah I'd like it...I'd love to go to a spa and get the full works.

But like U said it's an interesting concept of what's worth the spend.

For me necessities take priority and when I have extra the luxuries/ wants come into it.

You just have to be smart with money...no use living luxuriously if it will send U broke and stressing.

But it would be amazing to have plenty of cash to splash.

At work today spoke to a solo business operator earning 2M+ year...if only.

monkey_magic said:Ahh...chai latte- delicious yummyness.

My guilty pleasure is going to those expensive frozen yoghurt places and filling my cup up with the yoghurt and all those toppings. Esp the little flavoured balls that pop in your mouth.

Hahaha omg you ARE one of my children monkey!

They LOVE those pop-in-your-mouth thingies.

You made me laugh.


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Omg Sleepy WHAT does a beautician EXTRACT in a facial?

I've had a few facials and depending upon where you go, is what treatments and how good they are.

Alexa & the ACs got me a super something or other facial and face treatment 2y ago and I can STILL feel the rough skin in places! Beautician forgot to do the "polish" in all places at the end.

So we "nexted" them lol!

Alexa LOVES getting our feet done together, so I'm grateful she's getting richer by the minute lol.

I had laser treatment done on "unwanted hair" about 5y ago and YEP the hair has NOT grown back lol!!! My BF doesn't like it lol but too bad now!

I had these other funny things done... like a needly thingy pushed in all over my face, neck and decolletage (spelling?).. anyway it felt pretty darned GOOD!

I've completely avoided botox as lots of my friends have had full cosmetic surgery etc etc and do botox too, don't like it... but never say never hey peeps?

I've worn sunscreen for over 50y almost every day UNLIKE those friends who were naysayers at the time and paid for it later.


Laser- def on the future guilty pleasures list for me. I would love to not have to shave certain areas.

And I'll admit I've had Botox twice in my life. My skin has improved- ingesting collagen really works...and I no longer need Botox.
Haven't had it in years.

So dedicated of you with the sunscreen. I sometimes wear it.

So many different treatments out there to choose from. Some r so expensive, some even damaging.

How often do you get the feet done?

Hey Monkey and EM

I"m not against botox but I think it has to be done so so carefully like an art form. It scares me the inexperienced, extremely young dermal clinicians who actually do a lot of the work and procedures even at the best clinics -

I'd like someone older, wiser, and with decades of experience. I'm glad it helped you and know it helps some ppl.

I have no idea what they extract lol but it hurts. Is it whiteheads/blackheads? The beautician said if you don't do it too much on certain skin types they clog up - and maybe then form blackheads etc. I've had them at every facial I've had. They literally press on your skin until the bumps come out. It's the most painful thing.

I had lsaer but it didn't work for me.... i don't think my hair was dark enough... but if you have the right combo (lightish skin - darker hair) - it sounds really helpful. My dermatologist said she did it on her moustach/upper lip and she never looked back lol.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

em would that be called micro-needling

quite in and meant to help but terrifies me!