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Which guilty pleasures do u spend $$ on?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi All,

For me it's lotto, poker machines and hotel stays.

Ive been lucky and won small sums of money which entice me to go back for more. I've been one number short of a first division lotto win twice. I've also won the venues $1000 win while playing a pokie.

I like change which is the reason for my hotel stays. I usually stay for one or two nights to explore a new area.

What are your guilty pleasures?

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Hi Sleepy,

I bought loads lol. I got the box of mangoes and box of bananas for only $5 each because I guess they were the reject boxes. Good for smoothies though. And a packet of carrots was only $1.29. Everything was quite cheaply priced but altogether it seems a lot of money especially since I've been buying a bundle a couple times a week. Now that I know how much I get out of it I'm a little excited.

I usually spend much more but I went to the cheapest fruit & veg store I know today.

See you around the threads!

LOL Great!

It's your accountant ecomama popping in again to say by your calculations, that's around $1 per cup.... probably less but you will have far more vitamins in that cup you made yourself than anything you could buy.

I'm not sure how you go when you begin travelling down the healthy choices path but I have a flow on effect when I'm doing it.

By DOING this you may just find yourself avoiding other things that are detrimental to your health... idk but I do! SO you're not buying as much fizzy and other stuff, looking after yourself in so many other ways.

It's pennies compared to all that.

You'll notice a glow that make up can't copy, your hair and nails will be stronger and more vibrant etc etc.

Remember that all this is an Investment in YOU.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

hey Em - very true what ur saying

it's hard to invest in healthy food - i feel guilty too

hard to invest in ourselves. and yet so so necessary. Sounds fun MM choosing the fruit and veg at good prices... those mangoes sound amazing.

Now you can have all the options and have fun with it

To be honest this thread has made me even doubt the smoothies i sometimes buy... a few reviews online said they don't even use good ingredients.

ur making the real stuff. And ur body will be so happy!!!

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey Sleepy!

When you put the accountant spreadsheet formula over the top of the healthy foods you buy.... compared to the junk we could buy.....

it's cheap as chips!

I just want everyone to grow food too! lol... but I really urge everyone to take a walk through a Community Garden and TAKE any foods you want to! All that happens is that MORE is planted and it brings JOY to the ppl who care for these gardens that the Community is USING it!
If anyone wants help to grow their own food then the Gardening thread's over there >>>> too lol.

But seeing GPs less because our health has improved... less hospitalisations... feeling better... it's ALL worth spending money on healthy food.

We've gotta eat something lol!

I wouldn't worry about the smoothies you love Sleepy, you deserve a treat too!
If there's fruit thrown in then that's a bonus!

I'm going to take my dog for a walk in the morning to the Community Garden around the corner.
I'll remember to take my secateurs and a bag for the goodies.

I can feel a healthy Asian soup coming on for dinner tomorrow night! I can SMELL it already! Lol.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
Hi ecomama- I'm glad the wrist braces are a saving grace for you! If I may ask, what does wombok cabbage taste like?? Never heard of it!

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Tay!

Hi Em

I like ur thinking about saving money on healthy food.... U really make a great point there. I think this thread is awesome because spending money on our health is so connected to MH care. x

Had my first pedicure then my first manicure and I love how this nail polish doesn't chip or crack. It still looks amazing. It's shellac.

This has inspired me to buy my own nail kit with UV light to get these kinds nails done at home.

So my next guilty pleasure will be a nail kit to have longer lasting beautiful nails.


Hi Sleepy21

I agree, you could write books and books on this topic! It's especially great when the food tastes great and is packed with good stuff for the body.

monkey_magic, nail kits are greatest, you'll never going to a salon after mastering the kit!