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Dear Diary, a day to day look at self isolation

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Community Champion


I have gone into self isolation . I will be alone and not seeing any friends or family.

I know we have other threads, but I would really like people to share their day to day thoughts and activities:

the highlights

the fun things

the frustrations

he things you can change

I think each day it would be good to share On thing that surprised me to day.

I would like you to share your ideas because it will help us all work out how.

So here is my first entry bit will be back later.

Dear Diary,

Day 1

I am not sure whether I am excited or a bit unsure.

I know I will need to distract myself and hide the chocolate biscuits.!!

I have a list of what I want to do but I think it is too ambitious.

One thing that surprised me was how much noise I like to have when alone. This may change.


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Thanks wanderingAround for sharing your experience,

Thanks for these words .

Dear Diary, I hope people find ways to help others, and to stay connected to their dearest ones, and to show appreciation and gratitude to those around you. It has been working for me, and for that I am grateful.

I found these thoughts so helpful.

After this time, I feel strangely stronger and more optimistic. Not because I improved, or became better or a better boss. Because I relied on my colleagues and on this forum for support, because I offered my ears and because I made the best with what I have. Because I told people to look up and remember that this is our chance to make the world a better place, even if it's to a small group of people around you. Each little action counts.

Thanks for reminding us how we can help each other.

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi everyone,

I like this thread. It’s a release for me to let out my frustrations, because I’m feeling not very happy at the moment.

highlights: I’m grateful to have a job with the way things are at the moment.

fun things: ?

frustrations: many

things you can change: I’m afraid that the things I want to change, I can’t, so basically the same answer as last time.

One thing that surprised me today: ?

Thanks for reading.

Kindness and care,


Hello everyone, you can write your diary in anyway that helps mine is a guideline.

highlights:today I thought I would cry all day but I stopped in the afternoon

Fun things. I like parody songs they are clever and make me laugh.

frustrations: Having a to do list and never starting it.

things I can change:rying not to get upset when family means well but treats me like a silly chjild!
one thing that surprised me today: How quickly a love done went from screaming at me to apologising to me.

How are you going? Do you want to share your day??

Dear diary

till tired and resting a lot

Highlights started writing morning papers, free writing jus after waking up

frustration feel everyone has forgotten people affected by the fires

fun laughed at parody songs

things I can change pack for another move instead of worrying

one thing that surprised me that not much surprises me anymore

Tell me about your day the good and the bad?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Quirky & all here,

Highlights: grateful for my job & technology, so I can keep in touch with friends/family during physical/social distancing 🙂

frustration: the usual...I miss family & friends, but I also understand that I can’t see them for a while. Helping to flatten the curve & all...

fun: I have been reminded of my love of creative outlets. I’ve been drawing a lot more. I’ve also done a little painting.

things I can change: I suppose that I can rearrange/redecorate my home to make it more pleasant (seeing as I’ll be home a lot more these days).

one thing that surprised me: that being at home more is a great opportunity to nurture & hone my artistic skills. I’m still an extrovert at heart, but I’m adapting to being at home more these days (physical/social distancing)...

Kindness and care,



Thanks for your diary entry. I always like your insights .

A bit has been written about how introverts must be liking the self isolation but I am art introvert maybe a bigger part introvert as I age and part extrovert.

My introvert misses other people and hugs and my extrovert part likes having space and time to explore my creative side.

Community Member

Hi Everyone! Great thread quirky!

Highlights: Grateful to still have a job. I hate it, but im grateful.

frustration: I booked this week off as annual leave for my partner and I could go away for a few days to spend time together. Had to cancel our trip and Ive been bummed about it! but Ive been thinking that it hasn't been cancelled, just postponed until this blows over.

I've also been feeling a little all over the place from now being able to get out and about as I normally would, but its for the benefit of everyone and doing my part is the right thing to do.

fun: baking! ive been doing alot of baking lately haha. My partner says im going to come out of this a few kilos heavier haha. I bake a pretty mean banana bread!

things I can change: My mindset! I was talking to the owner of my favourite cafe today and we were talking about remaining positive.

one thing that surprised me: Watching Bob ross on netflix is weirdly therapeutic haha

Hope you are all well.

Hello everyone,

gambit can I have a slice of your banana bread,

I like the way. That you are dealing with disapoointment,. Postponed sounds better than cancelled.

i know people and suffering and I have bad days. Tell me about Bob Ross .

Hi everyone

Quirky: thank you for your encouraging words 🙂

I think extroversion-introversion exists on a continuum e.g. someone who is mildly introverted would behave quite differently to someone who is extremely introverted.

I think we can slide back & forth on the introversion-extroversion continuum. But I think we each tend to mostly hover around a particular “point” on it.

But overall, I think it just comes down to where we get our energy source from. Introverts recharge by doing things on their own. Extroverts recharge by spending time with other people/outside stimulation.

But that’s not to say all introverts want to be home 24/7 or all extroverts need to go out 24/7. For example, I’m a moderate extrovert, but I most definitely can’t be around people 24/7. Even we need time to be alone 😉

A sliding continuum 😉


Highlights: I am grateful to have a job (sorry, that is a recurring theme for me).

Frustrations: the usual frustrations.

Fun: I’ll have to think about it. Art maybe? I found sound art supplies when I was cleaning last weekend.

things I can change: I really don’t know.

one thing that surprised me: I’m not surprised by much at the moment.

Kindness and care,


honestly i feel the whole introvert-extrovert thing is. a little simplified a little stupid imo. everyone has a minimum amount of interaction they need and if they go below it they get really weird and they have a max amount of interaction and if they get too much they get really weird. i have sensory issues that affect nearly all parts of my life and make interacting hard but it's Not Healthy to lock yourself away and refuse to talk to anyone because "i'm an introvert!1!!1!". also maybe i'm being too crass but all those posts about how self isolation is so hard im an introvert and everyone is here how am i going to survive ;( are and i hate this word but i cant think of any synonyms, cringey to say the least

highlights: got this term's english essay back where i had to write about how our reading reflects the key beliefs of a philosophy i was studying. a's on all the rubric and even if we can't get a number in online classes its a feelsgoodman

frustrations: i'm struggling with my friends now. i feel like they're all out of control and i'm hurting people and we've finally shelved some long ugly drama away but it hurts. wish i could get people in general more wish i wasn't. whatever makes everyone ignore me because i'm so annoying and won't shut up i wish i wasn't that

fun: my art teacher gave us a video to watch before we started the lesson. it was a cover of numb by linkin park with tuvan throat singing. the chorus hit me like a truck and i want every emo song to have a tuvan throat singing cover now

things i can change: change the way how you look at things. stop being so aggressive to tear down. also another thing i need to change is remembering to eat because i'll usually remember at four huh i haven't had anything to eat haven't i. i need to drink more water too im Thorsty all the time

something that surprised me: one of the kids was holding a plush in his webcam and i realised he had the exact same one i had. its a pokemon plushie with the exact same manufacturer and model and everything. i got mine for my birthday in january and i've been sleeping w it ever since and i think that says a lot about me