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Dear Diary, a day to day look at self isolation

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I have gone into self isolation . I will be alone and not seeing any friends or family.

I know we have other threads, but I would really like people to share their day to day thoughts and activities:

the highlights

the fun things

the frustrations

he things you can change

I think each day it would be good to share On thing that surprised me to day.

I would like you to share your ideas because it will help us all work out how.

So here is my first entry bit will be back later.

Dear Diary,

Day 1

I am not sure whether I am excited or a bit unsure.

I know I will need to distract myself and hide the chocolate biscuits.!!

I have a list of what I want to do but I think it is too ambitious.

One thing that surprised me was how much noise I like to have when alone. This may change.


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Hi everyone

I'm not watching the news and am not on social media but I still know it's incredibly difficult in Vic atm.

I'm sending you all the best thoughts I have for this to come under control soon.

How can we think during these times?

I know Moonstruck speaks of 2 pandemics; the physical one and the fear one (psychological).

How can we allay fears inside our minds?

I really need to hold on to whatever MH gains I've made, even if they're fragments tbh, so I can be okay for my children, family and work place DURING this time and on the other side of it all.

Uncertainty is difficult for anyone but we have TODAY.

Dear Diary

I'm feeling very lonely and isolated. Many friends are ill and I am grieving for them. Work is so difficult with everyone feeling super anxious, depressed and or plain angry and volatile. I can't find "groups" to join but don't have the time or energy for them anyway lol.

Maybe I can get our bikes fixed?... IDK.

For today I will nourish myself and my family with good foods.

I will hug everyone and tell them I love them.

I will do lots of laundry and spend some time in the garden repotting some plants.

I will be present for my children and text some friends to check in.

Love and peace to you all, I Pray we all get through this.

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thanks for your diary entry.
I think the calmer we can be will help others,

doing daily chores, thinking of others and getting on with life can help us and others.

Came across this thread I wrote over 3 years ago.

Things have changed,

I wonder can you tell dear diary how your life has changed in three years.

dear diary

what a lot has happened in three years. The isolation has made me reluctant to gout more than necessary. 
i have had long covid for 10 months.