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Meditation - words of wisdom - it helped me for 25 years

white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

I'm an atheist with a healthy respect for peoples choice for their own religious beliefs.  I then tend to slowly move away when anyone starts to talk religion so as not to offend.  However 25 years ago a then neighbour lent me a tape of a man named PREM RAWAT....also known as Maharaji. He asked me to listen to this tape alone and when wanting peace in my life.

I listened and the tears never stopped from the beginning to the end. It was and still is the most beautiful piece of music and words I've ever heard.

The story of Maharaji as was told to me 25 years ago was:  that at 9 years old he attended a funeral where hundreds of people gathered to mourn the death of an elder.  In his confusion this boy climbed a tall fence and yelled at all the mourners to stop weeping and instead to rejoice in the elders death,and his achievements.  He began to make an impact on his society.  At 13 years old there are some youtube film of him addressing audiences...his fame was rapidly accelerating.  At around 40 years old he was flying his own Learjet around the world spreading his messages.

There may well be a religious foundation to his movement. For me it doesnt matter.  I am in awe of his words and Youtube messages and dont intend on pursuing his movement as an official follower.


In one of his messages he mentions things like queues, forms to fill out and other stressful modern chores. He puts things into perspective. He gives you the listener the opportunity to reconsider your place in the world, your own presence, appreciating your worth.

In one tape I heard, he explained how you have a key to your door- your inner self.  No one else has that key. You haveit but you have to find it. Many, so many people never find it...like a life wasted away.  Once you find your inner self, no easy feat, you are at full peace.  Many of his followers meet him, talk shortly with him and often find out, disappointingly, that he has told them to keep searching for he knows through that short conversation- that they have a journey left to go before they will find their true selves.

There are many other reasons why I have ended up a positive thinker in my life. This is only one of them.  When my thinking goes 'south' I often click onto one of Maharaji's youtube's to return to the fundamentals.  He usually makes more sense than anyone else.

Delai Lama and others also hit the mark with quotes.  I hope Maharaji helps you, sooths you and gives you a direction of hope.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi White Knight

Thanks for sharing this story and the information on Maharaji.  I am going to look it up on you tube and listen to him.

Meditation and mindfulness are amazing tools to have when feeling down.  I just need to push myself more into doing rather than saying!!

Thanks again, take care


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member


He is on tv locally in perth on free-to-air tv. The program name is "Words of peace".

I find he is not 'exclusive' when it comes to religion and god as he includes it as well. Everything is within. God is within, all your feelings are within, trust and have faith in them. Feel good. Not pleasurable, but good.

white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

I'm nearly home after 14 weeks touring Australia.

Our holiday had its emotional challenges. A couple of weeks ago it all caught up with me so I sat on a rock with an ocean view and as the sun set I played

YouTube maharaji sunset

If I could describe the moment I would. It was like my heart was ice and he poured warm water over it.

I'm now recovered from that time.


Tony WK

Hey Tony WK

14 weeks of touring this beautiful country? I envy you and your wife. I wish!....Did you go to Broome? I never have but I keep hearing that its cheaper to go to Los Angeles.

Maybe I should put that in my bucket list...I have heard that the sunsets are sensational...

If you get a minute can you please educate me on YouTube 'maharaji sunset' before I run out of data

My best for you Tony WK

Paul 🙂

Hey Tony;

It seems to me you describe the situation just perfectly! ...warm water over a frozen heart...


Dizzy x

Thanks Dizzy

Paul, when a friend first introduced me to cassette tapes of Maharaji I was stunned.

Thus man is do wise, so logical and so much empathy.

"Have you ever seen a sunset'?. In one tape he asks this question. We all say yes. But it takes two hours for a sun to set....now...have you watched a sun set?

Climb the highest nearby hill, no distractions, dit on a rock, watch the sun set,one of the most beautiful experiences you'll ever feel...yet its free anywhere in the world clouds permitted.

He started being famous in his Indian village at 9 yo, on TV at 13 and now he's global.

He teaches how you can find your inner peace.

Another favourite of mine is

Maharaji Prem Rawat the perfect instrument

Tony WK

Hey Tony

I Love this......"Have you ever seen a sunset'?. In one tape he asks this question. We all say yes.
But it takes two hours for a sun to set....now...have you watched a sun set?"

Absolute Classic....Maharaji has said volumes even just discussing a sunset...he is a 'guru' in the true sense of the word.

Thankyou Tony WK. My Best


Knew you'd love it Paul

He has so many buds and lectures. Always with clarity and reason.

Tony WK

I need all the clarity I can get right now and thankyou Tony WK