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Dear Diary, a day to day look at self isolation

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I have gone into self isolation . I will be alone and not seeing any friends or family.

I know we have other threads, but I would really like people to share their day to day thoughts and activities:

the highlights

the fun things

the frustrations

he things you can change

I think each day it would be good to share On thing that surprised me to day.

I would like you to share your ideas because it will help us all work out how.

So here is my first entry bit will be back later.

Dear Diary,

Day 1

I am not sure whether I am excited or a bit unsure.

I know I will need to distract myself and hide the chocolate biscuits.!!

I have a list of what I want to do but I think it is too ambitious.

One thing that surprised me was how much noise I like to have when alone. This may change.


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Interesting thread quirky.

  • No highlights for me so far today.
  • No fun things either.
  • Frustrations - a lot of things really.
  • The things you can change - hmm, none I don't think? Don't know.
  • One thing that surprised me - nothing yet.


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Community Champion

Hello Quirky, Tayla..and everyone..

What a great idea Quirky..

Dear Diary..

Day ?...I’ve been self isolated for a couple of week..because so far I’ve not needed to go...

Today I replanted my Basil and Parsley from a small seedling box into bigger window pots..and I had a ver large glass water bottle..and I put some soil in the bottom of it and planted some small succulents...Fingers crossed the Basil and Parsley continue to grow...and the succulents thrive...


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Community Champion

Oops..one thing that surprised me...finding more little pumkins on my vine..yippie!


Interesting Grandy!

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Community Champion

Thanks grandy and tayla

Dear Diary

I have spoken for a few mins on the phone

I have done some writing

am surprised how quickly the time has gone.

wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Quirky (& a wave to all),

I think this is a fantastic idea to help us cope with our daily lives during physical/social distancing, self isolation or even quarantine.

Thanks so much for this idea 🙂


  • yoga
  • technology that allows me to keep in touch with friends/family in a safe way (social/physical distancing).

Fun things: ?

Frustrations: missing family/friends, but knowing that I can’t see them for at least 6 months.

The things you can change: the things I want to change, I can’t, so I’m in a state of resigned acceptance.

Kindness and care,


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Great thread Quirky! I was thinking to start a diary of this experience for my daughter to read one day. This has given me some inspiration.

Dear Diary,

the highlights: watching the rain and the colour of the landscape grow greener with each precious drop; pots of tea instead of cups
the fun things: watching my toddler play like its just any other day (its very normalising)
the frustrations: not being able to see my father in law who is in an aged care home that is locked down - he is probably quite confused about not having visitors as he has dementia, I feel sad for him and so many others in this situation
the things you can change: the amount of dirt on the inside doors of my kitchen cupboard doors (cleaning is a mindfulness strategy for me when I have an increase in my stress levels)
the thing that surprised me to day: how quickly the birds can eat all your freshly planted seedlings!!! (time to get some netting)

Sending everyone strength,

Nurse Jenn

dear diary

highlights: feeling the sun through the window

fun things; watching my grandchild on video chat

frustrations not be able to touch my grand child

the things you can change I can decide to do the washing up each day.

that thing that surprised me: that my grandchild is more relaxed with video chat as I keep muting myself when I wanted to move my picture in the screen.

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Dear Diary,

I'm at the start of my third week working from home, since we were told to by upper management. Being responsible for a group of more than 50 people, I thought it would be overwhelming.

In the beginning, it was. People were struggling hard to adapt, but we set up meetings in the early morning and late afternoon, encouraging everyone to show up in video rather than simply audio. Morale was grim and we could see people clearly demotivated. I felt demotivated as well and couldn't believe I was faced with a challenge that felt so much bigger than me.

I came to understand that more than ever, I would need to help and support others while caring for myself and my loved ones. I could help others cope with this situation, to listen, to show empathy and compassion and help others do the best with their own time, so they wouldn't feel like time has stopped for them.

I started researching Youtube Channels (Tom Bilyeu has incredible interviews) and reading the many, many incredible posts in this forum. Looking for guidance and wisdom, in this new reality, I rewatched inspiring and entertaining movies like our beloved Patch Adams, Cast Away with Tom Hanks and even the Martian with Matt Damon. Telling the stories (even though the latter two are fiction), of how people can find the will to go on in face of unbelievable odds. Of how simple acts of kindness make a world of difference when we have little to hold on.

After this time, I feel strangely stronger and more optimistic. Not because I improved, or became better or a better boss. Because I relied on my colleagues and on this forum for support, because I offered my ears and because I made the best with what I have. Because I told people to look up and remember that this is our chance to make the world a better place, even if it's to a small group of people around you. Each little action counts.

Dear Diary, I hope people find ways to help others, and to stay connected to their dearest ones, and to show appreciation and gratitude to those around you. It has been working for me, and for that I am grateful.

I hope this is helpful for you, we are together.