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So so lonely 😢 feel unloved💔

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Feeling so incredibly unloved 💔😢

I have a big issue with my self esteem.....I look attractive in the mirror but at the same time I hate what I see. ...am I really ugly or could I possibly be attractive 😔

So sorry for posting about such a minor issue 😔

Love Julie ❤

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Community Champion

Hi Mardi, welcome

Nothing is a "minor" issue. In fact as a little boy my large belly was my hangup. As I grew older girls never cared about it, they said my humour over rode it. But I still cant see my shoes. Lol.

Self esteem, low se, is a state of mind that can be improved on. Aging helps but who wants to wait?. Attractiveness is subjective, in the eye of the beholder.

Please google this thread

Topic: the best praise you'll ever get- beyondblue

Youtube maharaji the perfect instrument

I hope it helps. Post anytime

Tony WK

Thank you so much Tony for your reply😊😊😊😊 it means a lot to know I'm supported and welcomed. ...makes me feel a lot better 😊😊

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Blue Voices Member
Hi Mardi, if you're going through a hard time it isn't a minor issue and don't apologise for asking for help that's what Beyond Blue is for. I really like to use positive affirmations when I'm feeling down, I literally stand in front of the mirror and say things like "I'm trying" "I'm a good person" "I feel beautiful today" and sometimes it actually makes me feel better. There is so much more in life than being "conventionally attractive". You are beautiful just for existing and being you.

Thank you 😊

Going through primary school l spent 3 or 4 years looking at me knees in school shorts ,l thought l had fat knees , it was damn near the end of it all.

Then later on at 15 , l was in the bathroom every night for an hour or more, l thought l was growing breasts . l thought l must be the unluckiest kid on the planet, why me.

A skinny boy with fat knees and breasts , doesn't get much worse. You look just fine to me haha.

Thank you so much 😚

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I don't judge people on how they look. Everyone is perfect just the way they were made. It's the beauty inside that counts.

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Blue Voices Member

Hi Julie,

After reading your post i decided to goolge the word 'attractive'. This is what i got;

'having qualities or features which arouse interest.'

We all have different interests and what appeals to one person may not appeal to another. Some people like blue eyes, others like brown. Some like blonde hair, others like brunette. Some like tall, others short etc, so you can see where i am going. The word 'attractive' is a very general word because it means different things to different people. When we think generally of someone being 'attractive' we think of a person who looks like a model but that person could be the nastiest person on this earth. Are they still attractive? Attractiveness is not just based on looks, sure the initial attraction is looks but it goes so much deeper.

As they say, looks will fade but a good heart will keep you beautiful forever.

I'm wondering, are you seeing a counselor re your self esteem issues? It's not uncommon to have low self esteem but you can work on it and feel good about yourself. Exercise helps too, I feel better when i go for a good walk. Sometimes just putting on a nice clothes helps me, even if i have not much planned i put something nice on and i feel better because I Made the effort.

Wishing you all the best.

cmf x

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Blue Voices Member

Forgot to add, you are feeling lonely ( i get that) do you have any hobbies or have you thought of joining groups with people of similar interests ie even a book club or walking group? Finding people who like the same things helps us connect and meet people.