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HelloGail Be Kind to Yourself
  • replies: 2

I just want to share some words on getting through anxiety and any negative thoughts and the very first is: BE KIND TO YOUR OWN 'SELF'. There is only one YOU. Be its FRIEND. Be GENTLE to yourself Take TIME OUT to relax, read, hike or do whatever you ...

sixthpersense Wondering if I'm ADHD, or just a little different
  • replies: 1

Background info: I have generalised anxiety, and I've recently gotten past a very bad depressive episode (yay!) that lasted me a few years, and I've begun to notice all these things I do that I haven't wondered about before, but they are a little odd...

Cal03 Does my partner still love me?
  • replies: 3

For a bit of context, I feel like I should preface this by saying that up until 4 weeks ago, I thought my partner and I were going to be married in a few weeks time. I thought we were as happy as we had ever been. Since then, she has opened up about ...

Mazzania Don't even know
  • replies: 3

So... being having issues with my partner, I tend to complain about my stuff to work friends. I'm sure I blow it all out of proportion from my own screwed up way of seeing things. They r great, supportive,etc. But I no longer want them to be. I don't...