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Champion Alumni

Hi Everyone!

  • How will you be spending your time this Christmas and/or New Years Eve?
  • With family...friends..relatives....partner?
  • If you are spending this festive season alone...your thoughts are just as valued and appreciated!
  • Readers of the forums can post too! Joining the Beyond Blue forums is easy and your thoughts are very welcome πŸ™‚

my kindest wishes for the season


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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Country Music Festival

I know that you have been super flat out yet I wish I had your Christmas plans....Christmas Eve dinner with your partners family...Christmas lunch with your family....and your partner has a pool? I wish!!! πŸ˜‰

I hope your spirits lift cmf.....me thinks you deserve a peaceful festive season..please be gentle to yourself

you are always welcome to post and great to see you 'on the air' x


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Hi I'm new don't know how you put a picture up etc - anybody else spending Christmas alone? How do you find it? I've had to do it years ago and found it pretty miserable and embarrassed if people knew I was home alone that day... looks like with no friends in the new town I've moved to it's just me and my dog. I'd love to hear from others who will be alone, maybe we can chat on this forum a bit Christmas Day?

Hi Hanna - welcome! If you go to the top right of the screen you will see "my account", if you click that it will ask you to log in and you can update your profile from there πŸ™‚

I've spent one Xmas alone, but that was my choice, so a little different perhaps. I just went to the beach for a bit, came home and ate food I'd bought for myself and hung out with my pets. Stress free, which was why I chose to do so. I'm sorry you don't have anyone to spend it with. I wonder if you could put some things in place to make it nice for yourself? Glad you've got your dog. My staffy is my best mate. Most days I don't see anyone and it's just us. What kind of dog do you have?


Hi Katy, my dog is an 8 year old Shitzu-Maltese cross named Sam and he is the sweetest natured dog! He's also my best mate - dogs are wonderful companions aren't they.

I haven't really planned anything for Christmas - I will go to the Christmas Eve service at the local church to make it "Christmassy" and I thought I'd let myself have pavlova (my favourite dessert) on Christmas Dau and depending on how hot it is, just take Sam for a stroll in the park in the morning and/or late afternoon and chill out in front of a movie for a while during the day. I guess it goes by pretty fast and is stress-free as you say. I'll give Sam a treat of some kind too!

Hanna, absolutely! Don't know what I'd do without my buddy πŸ™‚

The church service sounds like a lovely idea. I just read your other post and I see your house gets pretty hot, so you're probably not going to be wanting to roast up a turkey leg for yourself and Sam to share lol.

Anyway, I'm sure there will be people to chat to on the forums. Alone or otherwise, Xmas can be a hard time for many and a bit of friendly banter in a safe space is always nice πŸ™‚

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For Christmas I am hoping for a card containing one free ticket for a day of guaranteed peace and calm and happiness. Thanks in advance Santa x

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi all,

Calm seeker, i hope you get your wish. What do you think you could do for guaranteed peace, calm and happiness? Any ideas?

Hanna3, I'm sure you will find people here on the forums. In the past i have spemd xmas night or new years eve here. One year we had a 'party' in the bb cafe. It really brought a smile to my face.

Speaking of the BB cafe, it is another great place to mingle on here, there is always someone about.

cmf x

Thanks everyone for the kind words.

Calmseeker I like that idea. Think Santa has an extra ticket?

Hopefully seeing as school finishes today for my kids it will quiet down but I'm getting more worked up and tired every day.

Doesn't help that it's only the start of summer and we've had days of horrible weather and a bush Fire already. 42 degrees is too hot for me especially at work outdoors. tomorrow is hotter.

Hmm changed my mind. Perhaps Santa will bring us an air conditioner. Or a pool. Yeah I'm with you Paul a pool sounds like bliss.

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lmao when i was in like. year 5 year 6 my class was taught how to play the recorder. only my class i guess we were the special kids and we'd learn these christmas carols on recorder in term 4 so every december we could go down to the bunnings across the road and play our christmas carols on those lousy plastic ten dollar recorders.

i still have my recorder. i havent touched it since i was twelve. i never even liked playing it id sing out those carols with my too loud too shaky voice. i can only imagine the twelve year olds of our day are still playing carols at that bunnings. yes this is On My Mind bc december 11 rolled around again which means mum gets that memory of my year 6 class playing on her fb feed

i forget every year it comes up on her memories there is one boy in the front playing the ocarina, a woodwind instrument which if you knew that before i explained it you are a legend of zelda fan. why was ocarina boy playing that instead of a recorder? maybe year 6 eight knew. i certainly don't. ocarina boy confuses me so much i need to share my perplexed frustration

by the way the best christmas carol is feliz navidad and i will not elaborate. the best christmas song is 12 days of christmas by the straight no chasers because my brain at all times is a confused choir trying to sing the 12 days of christmas to the tune of africa

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Hello everyone...well I'm obviously the odd one out here...so I'd better stick to my own Christmas thread started in November...called Christmas with Anxiety/Depression.......enjoy whatever you all do....x