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Champion Alumni

Hi Everyone!

  • How will you be spending your time this Christmas and/or New Years Eve?
  • With family...friends..relatives....partner?
  • If you are spending this festive season alone...your thoughts are just as valued and appreciated!
  • Readers of the forums can post too! Joining the Beyond Blue forums is easy and your thoughts are very welcome πŸ™‚

my kindest wishes for the season


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Thanks CMF a "party"online at Christmas sounds great!

Hi Katy, An old friend of mine now living in another state chatted to me on the phone yesterday and said her son giving her a kitten had made a great friend for her little dog that was suffering from anxiety when she went out. So I had a talk to the local vet about it today and they sell rescue kittens for $145 including vaccinations and desexing and said they have lots this time of year (unwanted kittens) and are expecting a litter in 3 weeks and said it should help my little guy a lot once they manage to bond and he gets over initial jealousy. So they're going to ring me when the kittens come in. I love cats and I think it will help Sam and give me two "furkids" at home!

So I hope while things are quiet over New Year/school holidays etc I might be settling in a kitten with any luck which would be great!


I don't really like Christmas, well not the 9th, 12th and the 23rd of December, As those we're bad days in the past for me, And still struggling to hold my head above water at the moment, As December is taking so long to get it over and done with.

My little family ( my son and partner ) we celebrate Christmas in January, As December is not a very nice month.

Hey all πŸ™‚

calmseeker - I hope one of those cards finds it's way to everyone! How wonderful that would be πŸ™‚

cmf - a BB party sounds great, no invites needed πŸ™‚

Quercus - hope you get some cooler weather your way, heat can certainly be tiring!

eight - thanks for sharing your memories. Perhaps feliz navidad can play at the BB Xmas party? πŸ™‚

Moonstruck - I'll have to check out your thread and see what you're up to. Looks like there's 2 spots we can share our joys/woes/thoughts πŸ™‚

Hanna - what a lovely idea. I'm happy to hear this. My dog has 2 cat friends and I'm sure they are great company for each other when I'm out and about. Good on you for rescuing too. So many animals in need at this time of year. And having something to look forward to is always nice! Lucky Sam πŸ™‚

Hi MummaMel and welcome! Sorry you're struggling at the moment. I think there's a few of us that just want to get this period over and done with. Good on you for deciding to do things your own way. If you want to chat/vent about anything, please stick around on the forums and share. It's a very nice and supportive place to be. Hope to hear more from you.

Best wishes to all, Katy

(If you're around Paul, I hope you're doing ok too. Thinking of you and your mum.)

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Valued Contributor

Hi Hanna & Everyone,

I made the choice back in the 90s to spend Xmas alone rather than with family/friends. The family tensions had started to make the day so stressful, that I decided to opt out, so now it's just me & the dog. I find I do often get an odd look when people ask what I'm doing & I say nothing. I live alone anyway so it is really just another day for me. The only Christmassy thing I do is a Kris Kringle/Secret Santa with some friends where we buy something cheap & fun for each others pets & then post them to each other.


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Blue Voices Member
Hi all,

Smallwoof has made mention in the BB cafe of 'Blue Christmas '. I haven't googled yet but I believe it is for those feeling alone/loney etc.

Maybe worth a look?

Cmf x

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Hi all,

CMF - The free ticket would entitle me to: A morning of waking with no panic, feeling relaxed and at ease, a full day of calm and anxiety free mindset, a healthy appetite for Christmas lunch, no fidgeting and restlessness for the entire day followed by a perfect 8-9 hour blissful sleep. How good does that sound!

Quercus and Katy - If I see these tickets at Coles, hanging next to the JB Hi-fi gift cards, I will get one for everybody on the BB forums! Wouldn't it be wonderful. Blissful! πŸ™‚

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey all,

Calmseeker, i am sending on of those vouchers your way right now. i am certain it will reach you by Christmas and i am wishing you peace and calm not just for Christmas, but for always.

Quercus, Katy and all our friends, there are enough vouchers to go round so i will pop them here and everyone can help themselves.

Rather than a Christmas tree (as we all celebrate/don't celebrate differently) i am also placing a real tree, maybe a magnolia and as it grows and flowers we can enjoy the sweet scent and remind ourselves the beauty of nature and growth.

i often wonder, if my mind can convince me of the worst why can i flip it and convince myself of he best? Why does the negative dominate the positive and why is is so hard to flip it?

Just a thought...

cmf πŸ™‚

CMF said:

i often wonder, if my mind can convince me of the worst why can i flip it and convince myself of he best? Why does the negative dominate the positive and why is is so hard to flip it?

That's a really profound question. I hope I remember to ask my psychologist when I see her next year. Maybe she can offer some insight...

My brother used to hate Christmas so much (mostly all the consumerism) that he'd go camping in the mountains until it was all over!