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Ode to Persistence.

Community Member



Can you hear it in the distance?

Past the willows and the trees

Through the rain and misty valleys

On the tide of aqua seas?

Like a camel in the desert,

You go searching for a drink,

But that shimmer’s just a glimmer...

Into dust, your hopes do sink.

Still, you climb that lofty mountain,

Up amongst the rocky crops

Your legs are tired and weary,

And the struggle never stops.

Then you float along the ocean

Life-raft bursting at the seams.

But the drifting lasts forever,

And it never meets your dreams.


How much longer can you take it?

Will you ever find the key?

Your internal voice reminds you,

There’s a place you need to be.

You try and make your own luck,

As the time keeps ticking by,

Because you know your dream is worthy

So, you give it one more try!

With a soul in search of wisdom

You’re committed to the truth,

And soon you start to realise...

That all you need is proof!

Like a dancer chasing answers –

waltzing proudly down the road

Then you ask yourself the question -

What's the moral of this ode?

And a light comes shining brightly

As it’s whispered in your ear -

Keep on pushing forward friend...

Success is very near.

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Andrew-1972


Thank you for sharing your poem.


Seems to me, you've thought a lot about your journey & what keeps you going: belief in yourself & hope, most of all.


As you said on 'The Poetry Corner ...' thread, I hope people who are reading will be encouraged by your words.




Thanks mmMekitty!


A kind word or 2 can lift a stranger's spirit to newfound heights.

Community Member

I liked that very much. Thank you for sharing it. 😊

I am glad you enjoyed it!

Community Member

Hello Andrew-1972


A lovely poetic piece of writing

Speaking to yourself with encouragement

Referring to yourself as a friend.

There is much in this.

I think that you are no novice at writing.

I am reading between your words


Welcome Andrew




So the moral of the ode is

Thankyou for those lovely words Ems. Much appreciated!

You are more than welcome


I look forward to reading more of your writing when I am back online

Going away for a short time


Community Member

Keep on pushing forward friend, success is very near. Thank you Andrew, I certainly hope so. Your poem has such a soothing rhythm I kept reading it as it makes me feel better. 

That is beautiful to hear. I hope you are feeling much better! Please hang in there.