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Champion Alumni

Hi Everyone!

  • How will you be spending your time this Christmas and/or New Years Eve?
  • With family...friends..relatives....partner?
  • If you are spending this festive season alone...your thoughts are just as valued and appreciated!
  • Readers of the forums can post too! Joining the Beyond Blue forums is easy and your thoughts are very welcome πŸ™‚

my kindest wishes for the season


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Hey Eagle Ray (readers/new members are always welcome to post too! New Input is helpful for Beyond Blue)


Its always a bonus to read your posts and thankyou for taking the time to respond too!


I appreciate your understanding ER...Even though the destination is only 40 minutes away I sometimes find the anticipatory anxiety uncomfortable especially after my girlfriend passed away in September 2022. So when you mentioned having a companion with me is spot on Ray. Companion aside (because there isnt one anymore) I will be using all the coping mechanisms I have learned since the anxiety fired up in 1983.


I am very fortunate having a generalized anxiety issue as there are many folk that are doing it really hard with both physiological and mental health problems that are either hospitalized or heavily medicated.


ER mentionedMy 87 year old neighbour is still at home, climbs stairs easily and drives a 3 hour round trip to visit family in a neighbouring town". 


ER..Your 87 year old neighbor is a LEGEND!  Good on her for being so resilient Ray. Like you said...we can only hope. I wish!


Thankyou for your kindness re my mum ER. She is still at home and my sister is the main carer. Bless my mums heart...she was 12 years old in 1942 when the Germans were marching through Finland.  My mum started smoking just after that and gave up the cigarettes 2 years ago at 91! Her recent lung function test is perfect!


you are very understanding and speak from the heart ER


my kindest always



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Blue Voices Member

Hi friends,

I haven't really left my suburb either.  I don't drive to far & def not far enough to go away. I also don't drove on freeways.

In 2023 many people left my life. Toxic work colleagues all left (thank goodness), my partner left ( but we still catch up). I don't have yo deal with his sister whom I believe affected our relationship. It was like a cleansing year. Those who were affecting my happiness were removed so the good could enter. I hope 2024 brings more good as those blocking my happiness have gone.

Cmf x

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Champion Alumni

Hey Hey Everyone!

Hey Country Music Festival, thankyou for letting me know Im not alone with 'not leaving the suburb' Fiatlux just said the same a few hours ago. Its good to know Im not alone with my short drive to Kilcunda to take some wizz bang photos of the ocean.


Thankyou CMF for mentioning "So, does anyone have anything they'd like to do/accomplish in 2024?" That is actually an excellent topic for a new thread. Either way its a great thought provoking question...Good1


You have it sorted with 'toxic' people. If memory serves I mentioned many times that we can only improve our well being if we avoid toxic and/or overly critical people. It can be detrimental to our well being. 2024  will be a better year country music festival 



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Hey Hey RX (hey hey everyone too!)


I know you have been super busy, especially at Wagga Wagga....with a car that wont work! grr

What were you driving RX? 



Eagle Ray
Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey Paul,


I read that you got into macro photography during lockdowns. So did I! I discovered all manner of critters in my backyard. Different kinds of flies, wasps, spiders, geckos, skinks, dragonflies, beetles etc. It was like discovering a whole new world. There was one grevillea bush that was like a big hotel for small creatures. Everywhere I looked on it I'd see something new. It was actually fascinating and I never got bored during lockdown.


I'm so sorry for the loss of your girlfriend and I understand that would contribute to anticipatory anxiety. I think taking those small steps like Kitty says can be a good way to go, not putting pressure on yourself and just going gently. Once you've accomplished a bit of an expedition you can tell your nervous system, "it's ok now, that was fun and I got to take photos of stuff". I find the whole process of photography so enjoyable, from planning photo shoots to getting absorbed while doing it to the excitement of loading them onto the computer and then the fun of editing them. I am truly an addict! But of things you can get addicted to I think it is one of the healthiest.


Bless your beautiful mum. She has lived through some historically harrowing times which no doubt would have greatly impacted her. When you mentioned her giving up the cigarettes just 2 years ago and her recent lung function test being perfect, it made me think of a tv news story I remember from several years ago. There was a lady who reached 100 and still lived on her farm. She said her secret to longevity was beer and bananas πŸ˜‚ She also liked to practise her rifle shooting by shooting cans off a fence post! Such a delightful character. I think having character and spirit may be one the secrets to a long, happy life.


I do wish you the best Paul and hope you get some great photo adventures. I no longer live in the city but when I did I was a member of a camera club and I did find that quite good for meeting other photographers. We met twice a month and there was a competition at the second meeting each month. It would be around a theme and so you would look at your existing images or try to create new ones to fit the theme. It might be something like angles and curves, solitude, silhouettes, macro etc. There was also an open section, so two sections to enter each month. It was fun. Some participants took it rather seriously, especially as a guest judge would come to judge to competition. But I saw it all as a great learning curve and fun. So there might be options to explore something like that and go out with other photographers from time to time. I also was part of a photography Meetup group for a while and went on photo expeditions with them. That was good as we did things like astrophotography at night at a lake in the hills away from the city, where I might have felt a bit vulnerable being out there on my own but felt safe with other people.


Just some thoughts anyway. Of course photography can be a great solitary activity too. I find when I do wildlife photography it often works well on my own as I can be quiet and discrete and take as a long as I want to wait for birds and animals to appear (which for me can be a long time as I am quite patient).


Always lovely talking with you Paul. May you find healing and joy in your creative endeavours!


All the very best,


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi all,

As per Paul's great suggestion I have started a new thread in the Social Zone called 'What would you like to do/accomplish in 2024' . Thanks Paul 😊 


Eh Paul and to one and all.

Yeah it was a bit of an expensive and really really hot night mare mate tbh. lt actually broke down over 3 wks ago on my way up but we decided to get it towed to a good spot leave it there and l catch the train the rest of the way to Sydney stayed a few wks and only just got back down to Wagga this wk to figure something out.

Mechanics were all booked for wks but thanking the Gods one said look if you get it here today l'll do the job today get you going again. l couldn't believe it felt like hugging him.

Anywayyyy, and he did too, couldn't believe it,  and so l got back on the road and home just yesterday actually.

lt's just a Ranger though mate l need it for work but l'm a Jag man tbh at heart had my beautiful 83 xj6 for yrs before this but yeah sadly,  l had to get this one for my business couldn't really keep 2 cars at the time soooo, cry.


Hope your doin ok anyway

all the best, rx


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Rxx - Wow!

The main thing is that YOU are okay.



Haaa thx mm yep , bit worse for wear, won't go into the whole 3 day saga buttt, all done anyway and back now so.

We've been going up and back a few yrs now. She flies but l usually drive and always worried l'd get stuck sooner or later especially on that mad screaming fwy. anywhere but on that thing.

Bought a new atlas last night and from now on anywhere l go l'm going back to the beautiful peaceful inroads from here on. No more free ways for me humans weren't made to deal with those things.