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Is anyone else spending nye alone at home this year? Being in Melbourne, and the news of yesterday and today, I lost any desire to celebrate. I'm ok, and will be ok, but feeling pretty flat and worn out from a really tough, isolating and anxiety-inducing year. Tomorrow is not the fresh start we all hope for in other years. how is everyone else coping or spending nye?

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Hi all,

I am not in Vic, however this morning New Years Day i woke and could not stop sobbing!

My anxiety and panic went through the roof! I was alone on New Years Eve due to kids doing own thing and partner away working.

I can not stop the thoughts of sheer despair, like the world is going to end or something.

I went for a walk which helped calm me down. WTH is going on . I feel like there was nothing to celebrate or hopeful for 2021.

Is this something that others are feeling atm ? As I am feeling like this is something that is happening only to me .

Perspective is needed.


We usually go into the city & meet up with my daughter's family to watch the fireworks from her hsb's relatives apartment. It is nice spending time with family & watching the grandkids antics.

This year we stayed home and went to bed by 10pm. Had a nice drink in the fridge & chocolates & other treats in the cupboard but didn't feel like celebrating at all I had planned to visit a friend who I haven't seen since Jan due to the lockdowns but after hearing the news yesterday of cases back in Vic I rang to cancel. Yesterday while while talking to my son re the new cluster here in Vic my 9 yr old grandson overheard. He said' So that means we've got Covid back here'. Hearing the horror in his voice reinforced my feeling of dismay & worry.

I was reviewing my goals. So many from last year were shelved due to Covid & this year it is hard to plan even fu things like holidays with the fear that the pandemic will stop them anyway. I certainly won't be bookingany interstate trips even when allowed and even in Vic i won't book anything i can't cancel easily.

Hi pansy2021, welcome to the forums.

I'm really sorry to hear that. I always find New Years hard too, I try to have a positive attitude about it aswell as Christmas, Birthdays, etc etc but it always ends up being hard for me, like something bad happens. I'm always told how negative I am but i struggle with being positive, not on purpose, I just haven't had CBT or anything.

Are you ok now?

Elizabeth - I'm sorry you couldn't see your friends & family. It's heartbreaking. I hope you can see them all eventually.

Hi Gelati

I am trying too but at times it's hard, the only way I stop it, is to get so upset that I exhaust myself,

I had a bad morning & now it's getting better, slowly. Been trying to imagine that my thoughts are cars & I need to watch them go by!

Hi mb20lover,

I'm doing ok. Usually today would be exciting because I'd get to return to work and see my colleagues. But it seems like we'll be working at home until at least March. Bit of a boring start to the year. Oh well, I guess this year might be a bit uncertain still.

Hope you had a nice day.

Hi Pansy,

I definitely feel a bit like you do. I felt like I didn't know if there was anything to celebrate because we're still in the middle of the pandemic.

But maybe we'll see some better news this year 🙂

Hi Elizabeth,

I felt the same feeling of dread when I heard about new cases in Victoria. We went through such a tough time, for a long time. It felt like our basic freedoms were taken from all angles with seemingly no end in sight. But the last few days have given me cautious optimism.

It's been upsetting to see the division this has caused between states and territories. I have struggled with my identity as an 'Australian' the last year - I felt like we're all Victorian, or Tasmanian, or Queenslander, etc and we enjoy or miss freedoms inconsistently depending on where we live. I too have no confidence in arranging a holiday, as much as I desperately need one.

But I got a photo book made for my family for Christmas - demonstrating that 2020 wasn't completely terrible - I actually found a lot of happy and funny photos in my phone!

Hi Jacinta,

I'm sorry to hear you've found yourself getting exhausted.

That's an interesting way to watch your thoughts/worries - as cars. I might actually try that.

Hope your mind gets a little bit of a break and that the watching cars analogy works. Xo

Community Member

Hi Gelati,

It's been a week since I last messaged and thought I'd check in to see how you are going?

I'm happy to hear you were able to find lots of cheerful pictures from 2020, and I hope there are many more good times ahead this year too.

I have improved significantly since my New Years Eve blues. I took some time out to reflect, and I have set myself one goal for the year: positivity - to think more positive thoughts, be kinder to myself, and look at situations in a positive light. I read that our thoughts affect our feelings which affect our behaviour - this was a lightbulb moment for me.

On Sunday I went walking for a couple of hours amongst nature which made me feel stronger; I told myself things I liked about myself, that I am good enough and thought of all the things that make me happy/feel grateful. Every day this week I have been waking up and telling myself it will be a good day, trying to think positive and see the good. So far this is working for me, as well as getting a good night sleep.

How has your week been? Did you set yourself any goals for this year? What self-care acts have you been doing this week? 🙂

Hi Wanderlust,

Thank you so much for your message. I'm sorry about the delay - we don't get notifications of new posts.

I was so touched by your kindness in writing this further message.

I'm so pleased to hear you've been getting into this habit of waking up to positivity and that you are reminding yourself of how great you really are 🙂

Those are such excellent idea, which I really would like to practise myself.

I have been ok. I've not socialised a lot, but little bits here and there. We were going to have a family catch-up on the weekend but a family member had been in Brisbane so we postponed put of caution. But hoping that'll all pass soon and we can focus on things perhaps being a little better soon. I'm feeling positive about the situation in Sydney and that maybe I'll be able to see my Sydney-based partner soon. He showed such compassion for me during 2020 and I'm so amazed he stayed around, even though we only met for the first time in Jan 2020. Maybe he's a keeper 🙂 We will see.

One thing I hope for this year is to eat healthier - lockdown and food and sitting on the couch for hours go well together, and I have a few additional covid kgs. I also understand that what we eat can help our mind too. I like your comment a out our thoughts influencing how we feel - it's so true. One thing I've heard before is if you smile - no matter if you're feeling down - that simple facial expression can improve your mood.

So thank you - I am going to try to be happy today and perhaps that'll flow into Monday.

With my sincere gratitude, I wish you a happy week.