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Is anyone else spending nye alone at home this year? Being in Melbourne, and the news of yesterday and today, I lost any desire to celebrate. I'm ok, and will be ok, but feeling pretty flat and worn out from a really tough, isolating and anxiety-inducing year. Tomorrow is not the fresh start we all hope for in other years. how is everyone else coping or spending nye?

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Hey Gelati, I'm sorry to hear that. Take care

Hi Gelati

Sorry I'm late, have had good days & bad days, been trying to meditate. I'm just glad that at the moment thoughts are right at back of mind, hope they stay there!

Hope your going okay, things will get better, just hold on.

Been watching happy shows, just because I need to watch something happy 😊.

Keep safe & well!


Hi JacintaMarie, I hope you're ok. Always here if you need someone

Hi mb20lover

Thanks for the message, I'm struggling to get rid of the negative thoughts today!

Last Wednesday, I didn't let someone finish what they were saying & they were short at me, I did deserve this, I seem to keep on doing this at work & I'm frustrated at myself.

Though I went to the doctor on Saturday for some blood tests, to see if it's a physical problem & this Saturday I'll get the results, then maybe be referred to a counselor or tablets!

I do feel so pathetic for feeling like this, I have no reason too, I haven't gone through trauma, it's just petty stuff & the stuff at work is all my fault, I'm just frustrated that after trying, I still don't do anything.

Thanks for reading this.


Thanks, Jacinta! I didn't see your message until now. I'm pleased to hear you've been watching happy shows.

I am doing ok. The year has caused some difficult feelings but I'll get through it.