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Is anyone else spending nye alone at home this year? Being in Melbourne, and the news of yesterday and today, I lost any desire to celebrate. I'm ok, and will be ok, but feeling pretty flat and worn out from a really tough, isolating and anxiety-inducing year. Tomorrow is not the fresh start we all hope for in other years. how is everyone else coping or spending nye?

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Hi Gelati,

I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling the best right now, this has been a challenging year, especially for those living in Melbourne - the rest of Australia feels for you.

You helped pick me up a few days ago and I want to help do the same for you. You reassured me it was okay to not be going out this NYE and told me of your plans to watch movies with your beloved baby nephew and cat -what movies have you been watching or how else have you been keeping busy? πŸ™‚

I am currently sat at home watching the Sydney concert on ABC while video calling my partner. I would be lying to say I haven't found this evening challenging, but we must focus on the positives and what we are grateful.

Let me know how you're going and if you need any movie recommendations. Thinking of you and sending my best πŸ™‚

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Hi Gelati

I'm home tonight & struggling with my negetive thoughts. My trigger was that I said two stupid things & got a sarcastic comment.

I can't be kind to myself, I'm so used to being nasty to myself,

But I'm watching a best of stand up comedy 2020 & some wine & trying to stop the thoughts.

2020 hasn't been great but hopefully the future will be better. It's been bad but will slowly get better. Just keep on going & you'll get there! πŸ˜ƒ


Thank you so much. I thought of you as I was writing my post because I did indeed encourage you to feel ok about staying home and here I am saying I feel ordinary today. Despite my post, which may seem like I wasn't practising what I preach, I am happy to hear you have settled in for a nice night at home watching the concert and chatting with your partner.

I suppose today's news of new restrictions, and my ever-present anxiety that we will have to go through our lockdown again, coupled with the ever changing borders and my love being in Sydney - for who knows how long, now - brought out the worry in me. Babysitting was cancelled as my brother's party had to be cancelled today. So I found myself actually alone but at the same time not wanting to go out anyway. But I guess at the moment we have to expect disruptions here and there... I'm just struggling a little with my resilience sometimes.

But on the positive side, I do have my beloved cat - he's sitting by the window, watching the world go by with complete interest. We also went for a wander together in the back yard earlier - he get's so excited when we got out on his leash. He's been a treasure this year, through our yucky Melbourne winter and spring.

I will be seeing a work friend for a walk tomorrow, so that will be a nice opportunity to tune out from the doom and gloom.

Thank you for prompting me to remember that there are some positives and things to look forward to.

I'm watching a film called Mystic River. It's a little dark but interesting.

You're a wonderful person - this little bit of care you've shown to me tonight has cheered me up a bit. Thank you so much, and I do apologise again for seeming to act inconsistently with my advice to you earlier.

Best wishes x

Hi Jacinta!

I know the feeling that you're describing. I sometimes replay those things over and over in my head and try to imagine how things would have turned out if I hadn't said something in particular. Sometimes it's a relief to just tell yourself, "Stop it. What's done is done." I wonder if this could work for you to some extent?

Comedy and wine sounds delightful! I have a cup of tea and have gobbled down a whole punnet of strawberries. I've totally lost control haha and may pay with a tummy ache later!

My heartfelt thanks to you and Wanderlust for your kind words and for sharing something about yourselves. I so appreciate your time and compassion.

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Hey Gelati.

I'm in VIC too, but not Melbourne. It's awful, huh? I'm sorry you're alone and with all the COVID stuff. It still affects all Victorians though unfortunately. I like your username by the way.

I never do anything for New Years, it's never been a thing I like. I personally hate fireworks, and I just see it as another year.

I'm around if you'd like to chat?

Hello, fellow Victorian, mb20lover.

It's so nice to hear from you. I'm hearing about many people now who don't do much for new year's eve. That makes me feel better. I was content to do nothing much, but the changes today got be a little muddled and scared for the near future.

Thanks for the compliment about my username. It doesn't have any particular meaning πŸ™‚

Are you feeling ok?

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First time using this website so it’s hard to show emotion or adjust to sharing things.

But I’m just at home drinking by myself and having thoughts on my head but trying to block them out

Hi Nathan,


Thanks for sharing. I hope it was a nice bottle of wine, though?

I'm hoping you have had an ok night and that 2021 brings you happiness.

I appreciate the time you took to reply to my post. Thank you.


Hey Gelati, sorry I'm just replying to you now.

I'm ok, how are you?